Debbie Rowe Updates The World On Daughter Paris Jackson’s Recovery


About a week ago we learned that Paris Jackson, the only daughter of the late Michael Jackson, continues her recovery in medical care after she attempted suicide earlier this month. At the time, we heard that Paris has a long way to go before she is fully recovered. Today we are hearing from Paris’s biological mother Debbie Rowe who has piped up to speak, seemingly, on behalf of her daughter. Despite the fact that Rowe asked “for privacy” in the wake of Paris’s suicide attempt, she appears willing to break that privacy to speak publicly … after all, she was the person talking to Entertainment Tonight on the day that Paris was admitted to the hospital after her attempt. Debbie says that her daughter asked her to relay a message to fans … you can read that message below.

Debbie Rowe is opening up about her daughter, Paris Jackson, following her suicide attempt on June 5. In a new tweet posted on Saturday, June 29, Rowe posted to her followers: “My daughter has asked that I extend a huge thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers and support.” Referring to the 15-year-old’s late pop icon dad, Michael Jackson, Rowe added, “She is strong like her father.” She also tweeted to Neil Patrick Harris, who tweeted about attending the opening night of One, the Michael Jackson Cirque show at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev. “Bring on the awesome!” the actor wrote. Rowe, 54, tweeted to him, asking, “Paris wants to know how you loved it.” The teen is currently undergoing treatment at a psychiatric facility at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “This really all comes from her not yet over her dad being gone,” an insider told Us Weekly. “It’s been so hard to adjust to stepping back into the world.” Of the June 5 incident, a source confirmed that Paris had “cuts on her wrist” and left a suicide note. “I know Paris freaked out and regretted what she had done after she had done it,” another source added. “That’s when she cried for help. That saved her life.”

I just don’t get it … I just don’t understand why the adults who are caring for Paris’s well-being seem to have NO IDEA how to do what’s best for her. Why is her mother talking to the public? Why is she relaying to her daughter what celebrities are doing on Twitter? I guess it’s easy to make judgements from afar but considering the seriousness of Paris’s attempt, I think I would be doing everything I could to shield her from the harm that caused her attempt in the first place. I truly hope that Paris Jackson is recovering well, despite the actions of the adults in her life. She will have a long, hard road ahead as a member of the Jackson family. I honestly pray that she and her brothers are able to survive them all more successfully than her father did :(

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  • Samantha

    I was thinking the same thing! It isn’t like the children wanted to be public figures. They owe us nothing. I just wish that family would gather around them and protect them and not see them as a way to Micheal’s money! it is like his legacy of sadness is going to live on through his children :-(

  • Jan

    Well, the children is seeking fame. I mean Paris was about to do a movie. His brother was on 90210. I question their guardian for letting them do this. I don’t think Michael would let his children go into the spot light.
    Plus I always thought Debbie Rowe was like a surrogate. Didn’t Michael pay her to get out of her children’s lives or something?

  • Joanna

    The thing that is the saddest in all of this is the fact that if Michael was still alive I believe Paris probably wouldn’t not have attempted suicide. He was very protective over his children and made sure they were sealed off from the public eye so that this type of thing never happened. His actions in some instances (with the masks etc) were a bit odd, but his intentions were out of pure love for his children. This is all just so sad. The Jackson family is only after two things, money and fame. They will throw the rest of their family under a bus to get it so it’s of no surprise to me that Paris’ mother is talking to the public after she explicitly asked for privacy. I hope Paris does get the help she so obviously needs and can resume her regular activities again soon.