Russell Crowe, Emma Watson And Others Get Biblical In New Promo Photos For ‘Noah’


Back in April of last year we first learned that Russell Crowe signed on to play the lead role in the Darren Aronofsky Biblical epic film Noah, which promises to be “scary as Hell”. Shortly there after we learned that Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Ray Winstone and Logan Lerman also signed on to the film. Today, we get to see these actors in character as they will appear in Noah. As you can see in the gallery of promo photos presented here, the photos have a bit of a Lord of the Rings-type feel to them. Despite the Biblical subject matter, I believe Aronofsky is going to try and give us an exciting, aventure film that may resonate with fantasy movie fans. We shall see. For now, peruse the photos and see what you think. Do they make you exclaim OH MY GOD! in a good way … or a bad way?