Miley Cyrus Spotted Twerking And DJing In Miami


So yesterday we posted these photos of Miley Cyrus and it was kind of a big deal. Not because she was half-nekkid, and not because she was twerking, but because she was not doing either of those things and still managed to get our attention– believe it or not! I absolutely loved that Emilio Pucci outfit she was rocking in NYC, but, like most moments of glory, this one was short-lived. Miley was in Miami last night and, well, since it was Miami she pretty much had no choice but to trade in that Pucci for a barely-there one-piece and hella gold jewelry… lol. Peep the gallery for pics and click inside to hear more about Miley’s wild night in MI-Yayo.

E! has the deets:

If someone had just asked Miley Cyrus to strike a pose…she sure struck a good one!
The 20-year-old twerking fanatic took her talents to South Beach today for Y100’s Mack-a-Palooza at the Clevelander hotel.

Calvin Harris was spinning tunes and apparently Miley was feeling the music from her perch overlooking the action at the pool.

She showed off her legs-to-there in a short black jumpsuit accented with a gold chain belt and a racerback top that displayed her dreamcatcher tattoo to full sexy effect.
Miley was also decked out in Chanel jewelry, including applause-worthy Chanel No. 5 bottle earrings.

“MeeeeeAHHHmeeeeeee,” she tweeted this afternoon along with a pic of her hanging out, shades on, at the deejay table.

Here are some other selfies Miley took that night:



Well, I kinda figured yesterday’s look would soon become, well, yesterday’s look. However, I have faith that Miley knows how to keep it funky, fresh, and fab when she wants to. This outfit is actually pretty cute too, and if she was caught twerking in Miami, then that’s just what it is! I’m sure she had a blast– plus, Calvin Harris was in the building. I probably woulda felt the urge to do some light-to-heavy twerking as well, lol.

No, but seriously. Did you see those pics in the gallery? I haven’t seen that much gold on anyone in… ever. Hilarious!

[Source] [Photo Credit: INF/Getty]

  • Alecia

    I haven’t seen that much gold on one person since Mr. T was on the A-Team. I’d be afraid all that heavy gold would bang against me while twerking-even though I don’t know how much energy twerking exerts.

  • Sam

    Am I the only one who keeps noticing how scarily skinny she is? She does NOT look healthy!

  • Susan Amst

    The real reason Miley Twerks!!!!

    Miley Cyrus is told what to do by a little jewish businessman at her record label. He was on TV the other day. He says that everytime Miley gets on camera with her tongue in the left corner of her mouth the label makes $200,000.00. He sits up all night thinking about crazy shit for her to do the next day that is crazier than what the little businessman that runs Justin Beiber thinks up. He tries to come up with crazier shit than Kanye Wests’s manager who orders him to hit his head on a sign and get in fights and try to get more lame PR than the other guy gets. They are all operating off the same program that Ted Cruz and Joe Biden use.. it is ALL ABOUT GETTING ALL THE IDIOTS TO PAY ATTENTION!!! Most Americans are almost too stupid to live. They need shiney things dangled in front of them or they do not know which way to look. Corporations/Political parties (same thing) only care about getting the biggest volumes of people to look in their direction. They all follow the same rule: No matter how stupid the thing is that you do, do it as loud and dumb as possible and you will get the majority to look in your direction…for the moment.