Kanye West’s First Official Single Off The ‘Yeezus’ Album Will Be ‘Black Skinheads’


When we first heard Kanye West’s Black Skinhead during his Saturday Night Live performance, I wasn’t sure if I was into it. In fact, between that song and New Slaves I was expecting to be kinda, sorta into the Yeezus album but I didn’t expect to love it. Well, I got my assumptions handed right back to my ass when Yeezus leaked and I fell in love with pretty much all of the songs, including Black Skinhead. I found that the track (the style, the lyrics, the production) made so much more sense with the rest of the album, which is why I’m excited to hear that Black Skinhead will be the official first single from Kanye’s already-released (and already number one) new album. Click inside for more!

Hypetrak has the deets:

With Kanye West taking an unusual approach with the release of his latest album, Yeezus, having not actually dropped a single, it now looks like the first single is soon on its way. With a clean version of Ye’s “Black Skinhead” now being served to DJs, the song has now been confirmed by Def Jam Records as the first single. Speaking with Billboard, a label representative also went on to share that the track will also have a music video to coincide with the release, and it’s being rumored to release around the July 4 holiday, the same time his “Big Brother” Jay-Z is set to release his Magna Carta Holy Grail album. Kanye first premiered the song during his Saturday Night Live performance, and the tune has since gone on to be featured in Martin Scorsese’s trailer for his upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Let us know your thoughts on the selection down below, what track would you prefer as the lead single?

I cannot wait to see this video! Since Scorsese liked it enough to use it in his trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street, he should totally direct the video, lol! OMG… no. No. Cause then I’d die. And y’all all would be watching the video like And that’s how Shannon died. So it’d be awkward.

Since Jay-Z started readying the release of Magna Carta I’ve been so impressed watching these two artists take two unique, but completely exciting approaches to their album. Even though Yeezus is already out I still feel like the whole project is this awesome movement that I get to experience. Can’t wait to see what Kanye does next!


  • nicole

    finally! i’ve been waiting for an official single/video.

  • Iris B

    This song is awesome and just knocks in my car. LOVE IT!!!!

  • blaqfury

    I was hoping for New Slaves to be the first single, but if I can’t have that, then Black Skinhead would be my 2nd choice.Such a great album. I gotta say that i’m a bit perturb that Jay is releasing an album so close to ‘Ye’s. He hasn’t even let Yeezus marinate yet.