Beyoncé Brings Her ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ World Tour To LA


Last night I made my way to the Staples Center in downtown LA to see Beyoncé LIVE on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and I have to tell you, it was one of the best large scale pop concerts I’ve ever seen in my life. The only other show that I’ve seen that was just as good was the last Beyoncé concert that I saw on her last visit to LA back in 2009. Because I managed to score tickets in the BeyHive section of the audience, I was able to stand right up against the stage and have Bey sing directly to ME all night long. OK, she may have been singing to the rest of the sold out audience as well but being that close to Beyoncé made the whole experience feel extra special :) I managed to snap some photos and video of the show, check ‘em out below.

Y’all know that I love a lot of pop artists … but I can honestly say, having seen Bey twice in concert now, that Beyoncé is truly the hardest working pop star I’ve ever seen. From start to finish, Bey sang her heart out, danced her ass off and made sure that every moment was as over-the-top fabulous as possible for the folks who came out to see her. I don’t know if it was for show or not but as Beyoncé sang a “thank you” song to her fans for making her dreams come true, she actually started to cry. I saw the tears myself. It’s ease to dismiss such actions as showboating for the crowd but it sounded and felt genuine to me. There were a lot of cameras in the arena so I’m sure we’ll be getting a sweet ass concert DVD sometime soon. I can’t even pick a favorite song … they were all so good. Her performance of Grown Woman was just … wow. She killed it! I’m now even more excited to hear her new album. I posted a lot of short videos on Instagram (HERE) but I did manage to film her entire performance of Halo. The song starts out with an I Will Always Love You intro and, well, you’ll have to watch the video to see her come over to me to say HI :)

Yes, folks, I about died … multiple times last night. Bey puts on a show like no one else. No one. If you can see her in concert, I highly suggest you do so … Beyoncé is the Tina Turner of our time. Her live concerts are NOT to be missed.

Whew! Last night took a lot out of me so today I’m going to keep it chill. I have a haircut appointment this afternoon (finally) and then some friends and I are going to an art show tonight. Should be fun, Happy Saturday!!

  • Shannon

    OMGEEEEEEEeeee she did get right up in your grill! UGH! Hating on you so bad right now Trent, lol. This was awesome.

  • rOXy

    Wow….I don’t know what to say…this is such a great video! You did an incredible job! When she launched into her Whitney tribute I was like O.O and then I got the chills. When she came over to your section and looked RIGHT AT YOU, I was like =D!!! She is looking and sounding so so fine – goddess perfection. I loved the sparks on the stage and the glitter in the air and girl can definitely sing! A very genuine performance, which is something that we don’t see much of anymore. Thank you for taking us with you and sharing your seat in the Bey hive. There are definite perks to being a PITNB reader, and this was one of them.

  • Dianita

    Now I’m a bit bummed out I’m missing out. She was in Bratislava, only an hour from me, but I was jobless and so I didn’t splurge. I’m going to the States for Christmas and I’m going to miss her in Chicago by a week. :(

  • blaqfury

    Three More Weeks! Three More Weeks! Three More Weeks! Trent I have to thank you. It is because of your review from her 2009 concert that I even gave any thought to purchasing tickets to this one. And now you’ve got me amped all over again. Can’t Wait!

  • Krissy

    Sounds like a great show!