Miley Cyrus Is Fully-Clothed And Gorgeous In This Emilio Pucci Outfit


Woot! Woot! So excited to be able to post these pics of Miley Cyrus wearing hella clothing (for her, lol) and looking hella good while out and about in NYC. The last time we saw Miley she was basically rocking a diaper and thigh-high boots. We’ve also seen a lot of Miley booty on Twitter, so this was a nice change of pace. Miley was spotted making her way to SiriusXM Studios to promote her single We Can’t Stop, and she wore this gorgeous blue silk tiger-embroidered Emilio Pucci cropped bomber jacket with its corresponding blue silk layered skirt. She slicked the hair back, still managed to look very Miley, and totally fab. Love, love, love. More of this please. Love! Peep the gallery for more!

[Source] [Photo Credit: Getty/Pacific Coast News/INF/Splash]

  • nicole

    i love this outfit! not a huge fan of the cut outs in the shoulder, but the girl looks good.

  • Krissy

    This is sooooo much better than her usual! She can still look good without degrading herself. It isn’t as if you can’t tell she has a rockin bod when she isn’t exposing herself. I think dressing a little crazy is totally fun, but Miley has just been looking a little desperate lately.

    In fact, I think this outfit flatters her figure more than others where she is more exposed. Like, her waist looks much smaller here than when she wears only a bra top.

  • Emily

    OK. Yes. See, this is the exact conversation I was having with myself yesterday. After the diaper incident, I just really felt for the girl – she’s trying too hard and she’ll be hella embarrassed in a few years by those photos. But then I thought, “Self, I bet you she is going to pull it together in a few years and become really sophisticated in her clothing choices. She’ll still have some edge to her clothes, but they’ll be really beautiful, well fitting clothes and even Joan Rivers would approve.”
    I still see a diaper or two in her future unfortch, but ultimately I bet she’ll settle down into some really gorgeous-but-still-edgy clothing. I’ll take this outfit as a hope for things to come.

  • Alecia

    Shannon, I’d like to ask are we going to have a discussion/post about the Ying Yang Twins, “Miley Cyrus” twerking anthem. I just heard it and I need to decompress.

    • Shannon

      Alecia, I heard about the song but haven’t been able to bring myself to listen yet. I’ll get back to you… LOL :)

  • Paul

    When I saw the title of this piece, I had expected to be impressed by the outfit and I was surprised to see this combination of dragons, midriff-baring, slitted skirt thing. I guess when your fans have recently seen you wearing diapers and unicorn outfits, anything that looks close to normal is a blessing.