The ‘Promise’ Video And 9 Other Reasons Ciara Is Insanely Awesome


So as many of you know, yesterday was my birthday and Trent was right– I spent a good portion of it bumping that new Yeezus album. It was a great time, but I found myself waking up and really, really missing… Ciara?! LOL… weird, right? I just felt like I should have taken a moment on my big day to jam to some Throwback Cici, because it would have made my life that much happier! But it’s fine because that’s exactly what we’re getting ready to do now. I woke up today, watched that insane Body Party video, and knew we needed to show some lurve to one of A-Town’s finest. I rarely get to talk about her, but she is legit one of my favorites. I know she has a great fan base, but I still feel like her general dopeness gets overlooked a lot. And that needs to stop! Let’s give some props where props are due to the Atlanta Princess, Ciara! Click inside for more!

The ‘Promise’ Video And 9 Other Reasons Ciara Is Insanely Awesome


1. Promise


Okay so one time this guy I know explained to me why this video was everything. I refuse to quote him in this space because it was, like, a really brilliant, really vulgar explanation. LOL… but I will tell you that it mostly centered around the group dance at the 2:21 mark. Sigh. My whole thing about this video is that it gives you this amazing feeling of inferiority to Ciara. When she’s rocking that mic and, like, doing all her sexual magic dance stuff, you know you cannot do those things. And for whatever reason, having to bow down to Ciara kinda gives you this feeling of comfort. It’s like, Okay, well at least someone out there has this whole ‘being sexy’ thing down pat because I only know how to do that, like, 45% of the time. At least there’s someone who has it boiling in her blood so I know I don’t have to carry the burden of ‘sexy’ on my back alone. Ciara is doing that. For all of us. I would like that all-black leotard/spandex/suspenders combo platter for my next birthday though. Kthanksbye.

OMG I just got to to the end of the video! Totally forgot she brought the crybaby back (3:37 mark)! OMG, yes. This video is still everything.

2. Like A Boy


Effing. Best. Video. Ever. Right?! OMG. Reggie Bush, what’s good?! How awesome was this video when it dropped? Ciara was getting a lot of hate from people saying she looked like a guy, or a transexual, or whatever and she did the most genius thing ever– she made this video. Oh, you think she looks like a dude sometimes? So she dresses like a dude– and still looks hot, lol. I love how she used drag to poke fun at the ridiculous stories and also managed to make a super dope song/video as well.

3. 1, 2 Step


Remember Jazzy Pha?! LOL… oh, and here’s a fun fact. Ciara’s middle name is legitimately ‘Princess.’ Gotta love it. This song got so much play in Cleveland when it first dropped (circa 2004), I got sick of it reallll fast. But now that it’s been a while, I kinda miss it. Plus, Ciara’s awesome weave never, ever gets old.

4. Ride, feat. Ludacris


Yes, I already posted this song during The-Dream’s Throwback Thursday (since he produced it). No, I’m not gonna let that stop me from talking about it again. Ummmmmmm. Hide ya wife, hide ya kids, Thisvideoiseverythingnobodytalktomerightnow. Also, since we had that Janet Jackson post I’m totally getting a Ms Jackson If You’re Nasty vibe from Ciara in a lot of these videos (like in the beginning of this one). Honestly, I could write an entire post about this video alone. Here are my favorite parts. They’re, like, the nastiest parts, so don’t tell my mom or whatever:

The part where she does this:


Uhhh… this one, when she’s doing the countdown (One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, BAM):


Every single moment with Luda and this ridiculous bathing suit/leotard madness:


And that awesome tippy-toes dance she does at 1:51. Just, like. Done. Done with this girl.

5. Goodies feat. Petey Pablo


Petey Pablo!!! We are sooo finding another excuse to get him on a future Throwback Thursday. This was Ciara’s first single and it was kind of a huge deal. The sound was (and is) vurrry ATL, and everybody just loved it. And c’mon– such a good message for the girls, lol! Sometimes, it’s a good idea to keep those goodies in the jar y’all.

That Justin Timberlake collabo may or may not be on the next page. Better get there faster!

  • Whit

    This are my jams!

    I must say, I have always thought Ciara should choreograph instead of singing. And I was MAD (and jealous) when she did that back bend onto my love Justin in LSM, like MAD.

    One of my favorite videos, is Go Girl. I may or may not have tried to do that winding dance/back bend/chairsplit at 1:15 in my dorm room in college and failed miserably!

    • Shannon

      Whit, OMG! Love her look in this video. Totally forgot about it. Thank you!
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  • nicole

    i always loved Cici. shes had some great songs. i wished she could have survived the south movement, just seems like she couldnt find her footing – and really, her label didnt help either. i’ve heard some good things about her new album, havent had the chance to check it out yet.

    • Shannon

      nicole, I’ve never bought an actual, entire Ciara album. But I’ve heard a lot about this one too so I might have to give it a listen.

  • Alecia

    My instructor plays Gimme Dat during Zumba and it’s one of my faves to work out to.
    And while I do love her Missy collabs, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that Love Sex Magic video made me half jealous she got to do all that to my boo and called it work.
    But no lie girl can dance like nobody’s business.

  • Devonte Antonio

    Thank you for this post! I have been saying it for years, that Ciara is really underrated because she isn’t the best singer, but she still have a niche that isn’t really fulfilled now or ever. I really thought she was going to take the Aaliyah torch and do HUGE things but somehow the record industry is painting her as not having a genre that is really marketable…i.e. Rihanna. But I still find her really talented.

  • Krissy

    I really like Ciara! As far as dancing pop stars go…I think she is one of the best dancers EVER. Even better than many pop chicks that are supposedly great dancers. Ciara shows ’em how it’s really done. She is crazy good at isolating her body.

  • apriljan

    Never Ever was my wake up call. Thanks for the memories, Shannon!

  • DT

    She’s living in the house Janet built!

  • Andrew

    Shannon, long time reader, first time commentator…….it’s a travesty that you haven’t included her Fiddy collab – You gotta give love to them yellow booty shorts!

    • Shannon

      Andrew, LOL! Okay, I have to admit… I kind of don’t like 50 Cent sometimes so I wasn’t a huge fan of this video. But you’re so right– the yellow booty shorts need lurve too :)

  • Corene Lavhan

    This totally took me back! Oh and Goodies 2004…straight out of high school! Memories!

  • Jessica C

    I do not understand how anyone can see a Ciara video and watch her dance, listen to her sing, and walk away thinking that Rhianna is more talented.