One Direction’s Zayn Malik Gets His Girlfriend’s Face Tattooed On His Arm


Sigh. Remember how we learned Tuesday that Heidi Klum is currently trying to have a tattoo removed from her arm that she got in honor of her now ex-husband Seal? Yeah, well, it looks like One Direction’s Zayn Malik didn’t get the memo that it is a TERRIBLE idea to get a lover’s name or likeness tattooed on their body … because homeboy went and got his girlfriend Perrie Edwards’s face tattooed on his arm. During a concert tour stop in Maryland this week, Zayn and fellow 1Der Louis Tomlinson paid a visit to a local tattoo shop to get some new ink tattooed on their bodies. Zayn went ahead and got a likeness of his girlfriend tattooed on his arm and, well, see how it turned out below.

In their never-ending pursuit of manliness, the guys from One Direction spent Tuesday night on the prowl for tattoos and fried chicken … and lucky for them, they hit the bloody jackpot in Maryland. TMZ has learned … the guys were passing through Glen Burnie, MD this week when they had a sudden urge for some new body art — so they sent their bodyguard to scope out some of the local needle joints. We’re told the bodyguard liked what he saw when he walked into Tattooed Heart Studios … and 20 minutes later, in came Liam, Zayn and Louis. Zayn and Louis each came prepared with some designs in mind — Zayn wanted an image his of GF’s face … and Louis wanted doodles on his forearm of a spiderweb and a bomb. During the session, we’re told the guys had a craving for some fried chicken — so they sent their bodyguard to a nearby KFC, where he picked up a bucket of finger lickin’ deliciousness. In the end, we’re told Zayn and Louis dropped a pretty fat tip for the tat artist. As for Liam, we’re told he didn’t have any work done.

Yeeeeeeeah, I don’t know that this is a decision that Zayn Malik will be happy about in the future. It’s a bad idea to get someone’s name tattooed on your body … it’s an even worse idea to get someone’s face tattooed on your body (unless we’re talking about a portrait of a deceased loved one, which is actually very cool, IMHO). If Zayn and his girlfriend break up — which is very possible — he’s going to have a HUGE tattoo of his ex on his upper arm. Back when Harry Styles got that huge butterfly/moth tattooed on his chest, I thought he was the One Direction member with the worst tattoo … now I think Zayn has taken that title. Ugh. What do y’all think? Is Zayn’s tattoo of Perrie a sweet gesture of love or a horrible kiss of death for the relationship?


  • manuel nava

    I guess its a good thing hes putting it next to his other tattoo that says “oops” At least thats what it looks like from the pic. So when hes older and not with her, he can be reminded…oops! Oh young “love”

  • ClaireMichelle


  • Hannah

    I’ve known my husband for 10 years, married 6. I plan to be with him forever but won’t let him get a tattoo of me/about me. I am typically not superstitious but it just seems like a jinx to me.

  • monosylabikgrl

    NOOOOO!!! horrible idea! 99% of the time, it’s like a jinx. how long has he and his gf been together for? at least he can afford to have it removed if and when the time comes. :/

  • Missy

    I used to be against the idea of a significant other getting a tattoo of/about me, but then I thought about it. If we ever broke up…I’m not the one with the permanent tattoo, so do whatever you want.

    • @Missy — LOL. Yeah, I guess that makes sense :)