Listen: The Studio Version Of Beyoncé’s New Song ‘Standing On The Sun’ Leaks To The Internets


At the start of this month we got to hear Beyoncé performing, live in concert during her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, her new song Standing on the Sun which previously debuted at the start of the year in Beyoncé‘s commercial for H&M. Today we get to hear the final studio version of Standing on the Sun in full because the track has leaked its way online. Click below to have a listen … before the song gets yanked offline.

This track, as you may know, was written by Timbaland and Sia. Honestly, I like it much more now that I’ve heard the studio version. The H&M commercial clip was too short to really get into and the live version felt a bit … lacking. Now that I can hear the mastered version of the track, I like it much better. The song deffo sounds like a Summer single to me … which is why, I’m guessing, the song has been leaked online well before its scheduled November due date (when Bey’s new album is set for release). Do you dig this song? Does it have potential to be the Summer song of 2013?


  • Isabelle

    Timbaland + Sia ? Can’t go wrong with that pairing.
    Anyways, I love it. Not sure why. But my ears are having a blast.

  • nicole

    she should just officially release the song. at least its something to promote.

  • au

    this isn’t the full version. it’s just a looped demo. the rap verse is missing and there’s no bridge.