Is Justin Bieber Creepin’ With A Married Woman?


So, um, yeah … rumor has it that Justin Bieber is hooking up with a new chick these days … which isn’t all that surprising, considering JB’s youthful exuberance … but what is surprising is that Bieber’s chick may be a married woman! Wow. Earlier this week, video of Justin and a woman named Jordan Ozuna on a skydiving date together made its way to the Internets and in the clip, the couple are seen cozying up to one another. Today we learn that Ozuna’s mother-in-law is claiming that she is still married! Dang! Could it be that Justin Bieber is this actually lady’s mistress?

Justin Bieber was spotted getting close and comfortable with a new girl. Only one problem: She could be married. E! Online reported earlier in the week Bieber and a blonde woman, later identified as Jordan Ozuna (picture below), had a date at Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving. A source details, “In the waiting room area, she was sitting on his lap and they were kissing. Little pecks and kisses.” Bieber ended up being banned from the place due to the fact he never paid for his time there and left the place in disarray. The company reports they offered Bieber a deal that he wouldn’t have to pay the $1600 for his group if he gave them a shout-out on his Instagram account. Bieber apparently agreed, but never followed through – although someone in the company claims he pretended to post something via his phone in front of them. That’s not the only trouble Bieber could be getting into, however. Jordan’s mother-in-law told Celebuzz she’s married, although she has been separated from her husband for almost a year. “They’re probably in the process of getting divorced,” says the mother-in-law. Jordan married a man named Daniel right out of high school, but the two parted ways before Daniel went off to serve in the Coast Guard. Jordan’s mother-in-law wasn’t quite sure on the details, but she knows Jordan went to Vegas to pursue a modeling career and hasn’t heard of an official separation.

LOL! The Biebs is becoming quite the little cad these days, ain’t he? While I doubt that he was aware of Jordan’s marital status when she started to mack all up on her, I bet he is LOVING the fact that he is not attached to a married woman. Whether or not Ozuna is separated from her husband is beside the point … if she ain’t divorced, then she is still married. We’ll have to wait and see what will come from this relationship but I’m telling you, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Justin tried to use this new information to his advantage.

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  • Krissy

    It looks like HE is sitting in her lap! That is so creepy, it looks like mother and child in those pics. I don’t know how any adult woman could find him attractive. Way too twee.

  • Alecia

    Married?! No ink dried on the papers? And her soon to be ex is in the military? You really are trying it Bieber. This is definitely going to be a popcorn grabber.

  • Cee

    She went to Las Vegas to become a model – this doesn’t have train wreck written on it for either of them, does it?

  • Gillian

    Ugh! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit… You would have to be either -A) desperate for attention/money B) drunk or high C) seriously delusional – or any combo of ABC to think that hanging with Justin is a good idea. Married or not, the Beibs will only bring you trouble and shame.