First Listen: TLC Releases A New Version Of ‘Waterfalls’ WITHOUT Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes


Last month we got our first look at the young actresses that will portray the members of the 90’s R&B group TLC in an upcoming biopic movie about their lives but today … today we learn some new TLC information that may not sit well with fans. TLC have rerecorded their hit song Waterfalls with Japanese singer Namie Amuro providing the rap vocal … which means Lisa Left Eye Lopes’s contribution to the song has been completely cut out. We know that TLC is planning to tour, so does this mean that Namie will be joining the group in Left Eye’s place? HMMM. Click the embed above to hear this new version of Waterfalls and see what you think. Does this sound like a fitting tribute to TLC’s legacy or does it sound like complete blasphemy?

UPDATE: Lopes’s family is not happy with this remake. Click below to read what they have to say about this Left Eyeless version of Waterfalls.

TLC has been busy re-establishing themselves in the spotlight this year in honor of the group’s 20th anniversary. That comeback includes a new album with a re-recorded version of their hit “Waterfalls” minus Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes, which didn’t sit so well with the late rapper’s family. Some members of the Lopes family feel betrayed mostly because nobody bothered to tell them about the new record.
“I did not know about it until a fan posted it online. I mean it would have been nice if they would have given us a heads up before being surprised,” Lisa’s sister, Reigndrop Lopes, told TMZ. Reigndrop also says her mother was “hurt” and felt like it was a diss to take Lisa off the track.

Yeah, I have to agree … they should’ve left the song alone. If TLC wants to record new music with Namie Amuro, that’s fine … but cutting Lisa out of classic TLC songs seems like a really bad idea to me. Thoughts?

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  • MC

    Didn’t you post this before? Well, Lisa’s family certainly think so and I totally agree. They should of left it the way it was

    • @MC — Nope, didn’t post before … the song just came out. Thanks for the link!!

  • Isabelle

    To me it just sounds like TLC’s original Waterfalls, except someone cut out lopes and pasted vocals from whoever that little girl is. Which I guess is exactly what it is. It doesn’t make it better. It doesn’t make it a tribute. Which makes it useless, IMO.
    I really, honestly, just don’t get it.

  • helen

    No Left Eye = Not Listening.

  • al

    Hated it and horrible decision. Half the fun in Waterfalls is Left Eye’s rap, the other chick she sounds too lightweight. What ever happened to O’So Krispee?!?!?!

  • Jaded

    Such a shame they felt the need to do that. Fans are just fine when a member is replaced when one passes, and can accept new members when members chose to leave so there is no need to replace her vocals. They should just move forward and make new music with Namie.

    Only reason I can see them deciding to do this that makes since would be related to money. I assume Lisa wrote her lyrics (haven’t checked the credits) but as far as publishing rights go If Lisa’s family holds the rights for Lisa’s contribution they would end up having to pay royalties . This version seems to have only part of Lisa’s lyrics (like a mash up) though I can’t really understand her well, Which if they can prove it to be different enough from the original then they won’t need to pay royalties, or they’ll pay less royalties and Namie can get a decent cut for her contributions.

    Honestly I think they should have never included the track. For those who like their new music but never heard the old stuff they may have been convinced to buy the old music and those who never got around to buying the old music just may have picked up a copy.

  • Jake

    I loved TLC back in the day, but ever since Left Eye died, they haven’t known what to do. They had that reality show, but nothing came of it. A few years ago, they were talking about touring with a hologram/video version of Left Eye (that is apparently what is now happening). Then they release this, with the new girl kind of serving as a distraction because it sounds like she is having trouble with her English at times.

    They need to decide if they want to make more music as TLC, which fans might not be too keen about, or retire the name TLC and either regroup with a different name or go solo. But they are just poorly handling the group’s legacy right now, IMO.

  • Jstar


  • Joanna

    This is TLC’s signature song. If they want to go on tour and do this song, do what the radio stations did and just have filler music where Left Eye’s part is supposed to be and they can do a shout out to her memory or something. In some ways she made the song as iconic as it is and it’s a total slap in the face to her memory to not only take her out of it, but to have someone else (who’s not a very good rapper) do her part. This should have never happened and I hope whoever this new person is will NOT go on tour with them.

  • nicole


  • Lauren xx

    Left Eye was always my favorite member of TLC. This breaks my heart and it’s so disrespectful of her legacy. I would be totally okay with them performing this song with a new member, and releasing new music with a new member, but releasing this? Nope, not okay in the least and I really don’t understand how they could do this to her, her family and her fans. I won’t listen, I won’t watch, and I’m pretty much done with Chili and T-Boz.

  • True Blue

    They should have never rerecord the song in the first place. How is this celebrating the 20 years anniversary? I mean the group became what it was with all 3 members T-boz, Left Eye and Chilli. They should of remaster the version or stretch Left Eyes part out or at least add Namie Amuro on to the track not getting rid of Left Eye all together and having someone else rerecord her part. It is a total slap in the face of Left Eye’s family

  • blaqfury

    To answer your question….Yes!

  • Natalea

    This was done in such poor taste. I mean, really? This version sounds horrible. What?

    Does anyone know if they’re still planning on performing with Lisa’s hologram next month? THAT is more appropriate. And it’s what fans want to see.

    Also, can we take a minute and just respect the name Reigndrop? Girl.

  • MJ

    No. Just…no.

  • swile71

    I think this shows such disrespect to Left Eye. BAD decision ladies.

  • GadgetMan

    TLC is saying they don’t own the rights to use Lisa’s Rap and that they asked her family for permission and didn’t get it. So it sounds like the family is just covering their butts now so the fans don’t get mad at them. No, I don’t like this version as people has said you can def tell that this chicks first language isn’t English and it’s hard to understand her.

  • Brittany

    Left Eye wrote that verse..i love tlc but to take her out of it and change the verse up is just wrong