First Listen: Frank Ocean Performs 3 New Songs Live In Concert In Munich, Germany


Singer Frank Ocean performed a live concert at BMW Welt in Munich, Germany last night and he used the opportunity to debut new music for the assembled audience. It would appear that Ocean has a lot of new songs that he is itching to play for folks because he performed not one, not two but three new songs in concert last night. Video clips of Frank’s new songs, unsurprisingly, made their way online … giving those of us who couldn’t be at his show last night a chance to hear the new direction he is taking with his music. I don’t believe that Frank has announced when he plans to drop his next album but we do know he has been hard at work on his follow up album to Channel Orange … it’s likely he is getting close to releasing the new music officially. Click below to hear clips of Frank Ocean’s new songs and see what you think.

Frank Ocean is apparently swimming with new tunes. The singer-songwriter has premiered three songs during his concert Tuesday night at BMW Welt in Munich, Germany. Fans on the scene have uploaded the tracks [online]. Ocean’s new works are an early sample of what direction the break-out artist has been taking on his anticipated sophomore album. On the basis of these tracks, it’ll be another soulful, mellow affair. A release date hasn’t yet been suggested. But the album is definitely in the works. While on the red carpet of the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, he told Billboard that he’s “knee-deep in the next record. [I’m] just taking my time with it” … In the wake of his Grammys brace, Ocean shared that he was “like 10, 11 songs” into his new set. “It’s another cohesive thing, bordering on a concept record again,” he told Zane Lowe, the New Zealand-born BBC Radio 1 presenter. Ocean’s European tour continues June 27 at Tap 1 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Here are the new songs that he performed in Munich last night. The first track is excerpted here in a minute-long clip:

The clip of the following song is just over 2 minutes long:

The third new song is featured below in full:

These clips are very exciting for Frank Ocean fans. My guess is that he will release his next album by years end, which means we may get to hear these new songs in their final, mastered form sooner rather than later. It’s likely Ocean will perform these songs again (or maybe other new songs) as his tour continues. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, an ocean of new Frank music may be on us very, very soon.


  • Natalea

    Ooooh, especially digging the third song. Thank you for sharing Trent!