Kanye West’s ‘W’ Magazine Interview Is Here, And It Is Awesome


OMGEEEEeeee! Y’all know how I am obsessed with W Magazine, right? That Tilda Swinton spread, that Marion Cotillard story and now this! Kanye West, whose new album I still refuse to stop playing– praise Yeezus– did an interview with W and it is everything. He talks about love, fashion, doing whatever the eff he wants, sounding like an idiot, his sex tape, and there’s even this ah-mazing moment where the interviewer basically reveals that he is not a fan of his babymama’s mama. It’s all kinds of epic so get inside now!

Kanye West for W Magazine:



Kanye Is Like Picasso, Marlon Brando, Kate Moss and the Soup Nazi:

Addressing the crowds at his concerts this year, West has likened himself to such fellow creative geniuses as Pablo Picasso, Steve Jobs, and Michelangelo. And in the course of our interviews, which take place over several days in March and April, West goes even further, favorably comparing himself to Le Corbusier, the Beatles, Marlon Brando, Tiger Woods, Azzedine Alaïa, Kate Moss, and the Soup Nazi, among others.

On his visitors in Paris and refusal to name-drop clothing lines:

Visits with the Kardashians have been punctuated by the arrivals of people like the haute-minimalist architect Joseph Dirand and the Belgian interior designer and antiques guru Axel Vervoordt, along with deliverymen hauling in West’s latest purchases: rare Le Corbusier lamps, Pierre Jeanneret chairs, and obscure body-art journals from Switzerland. For West, it’s all part of a crash course in the rarefied upper reaches of design, architecture, and overall good taste. The goal? “To make Kanye West as dope as possible,” he says, sitting in a midcentury swivel chair and wearing a plain dark hoodie and black cotton pants by a label he declines to identify, since he no longer believes in dropping brand names, except for his own.

Why Paris, Plus He’s Going To Start Building Cities, Maybe:

This is the guy who moved to Rome for four months to work as an intern for Fendi before launching his own fashion line. His current exile in Paris—a town famously lacking in yes-men, where even a star like West is just another outsider who can’t get a table at his favorite restaurant if it happens to be full—seems like his latest exercise in self-abnegation, in the name of self-improvement. “In Paris, you’re as far as possible from the land of pleasant smiles,” West says. “You can just trip on inspiration—there are so many people here who dedicate their lives to excellence.” … He’s plotting to create operas, stores, films, product packaging, amusement parks, and, possibly, entire cities.

On the sex tape (which BTW, where is it???):

West was on the verge of releasing his own copy of it, to neutralize any threat of extortion. “For the most part, I’d rather people have one of those home videos than some of the paparazzi photos that get published,” he says. “At least I recorded the shit myself. That tape couldn’t have hurt me in any way if it came out—it could only have helped.” He finally decided against releasing it, but don’t be surprised if he changes his mind. “Now, I just do exactly what I want, whenever I want, how the fuck I want,” West says. “ ‘Fuck you’ is my message.”

And this is my favorite part. We get a sneak peek of some possible beef betwixt him and Kris Jenner:

He plays her some of his unfinished songs, including “Awesome,” which is clearly about Kim. When she exclaims, “Great job!” West doesn’t find it as flattering as Jenner evidently intended. He raises his eyebrows. “Great job?” he says and sets off on a comic riff that cracks up everyone in the room. Toasting with his champagne glass, he says, “Great job, Baccarat, for making a glass that can hold liquid!” He looks down at his waist. “Great job, belt loops, for keeping my pants up!” Jenner laughs off the mockery but soon is ready to leave. Hugging West goodbye, she tells him, “I love you. You know where to find us, at the George V. Call us tomorrow, if you want.” It seems apparent to everyone, including Jenner, that West will not call.

LMAOooooo! Just because he got your daughter pregs, he don’t have to call you!!! LOL! Sorry, ya’ll know I actually like Kimye but I do not rolls with Mama Jenner.

And he even talks about appearing on the show. You know. That show:

West dodges several of my questions about Kardashian and their future child. But when I ask him if he has any qualms about making appearances on shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, he says, “Oh, that’s just all for love. It’s simply that. At a certain point, or always, love is more important than any branding, or any set of cool people, or attempting to impress anyone. Because true love is just the way you feel.”

On how he’s smart, but sometimes… kinda sounds dumb, lol:

And finally, there’s his self-acknowledged deficiency in the eloquence department. “God’s little practical joke on me—as an intellect who doesn’t like to read a lot—is like, I’ll say some superphilosophical shit, but I’ll say it the wrong way,” he says, laughing. “I’ll use the wrong word, so it goes from being really special to completely retarded.”

On How It’s Easy For Some People To Forget He Is, Well, A God:

Whether it was his onstage ambush of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (a fiasco that prompted President Obama to call West a jackass) or his declaration during a live telethon for Hurricane Katrina victims that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” (a moment that Bush called the low point of his presidency), West’s eruptions have made it all too easy for people to forget that he’s spent the past decade creating some of the most brilliantly original music of any genre. Rolling Stone, in its rhapsodic five-star review of 2010’s Twisted Fantasy review” My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, lauded him for “blowing past all the rules of hip-hop and pop, even though…he’s been the one inventing the rules.” (The reviewer added: “Nobody halfway sane could have made this album.”) Last year in The Atlantic, David Samuels hailed West as “the first true genius of the iPhone era, the Mozart of contemporary American music.” (He also called him “a narcissistic monster.”)

OMG, come on! Don’t you just love it?! Kanye the intern? Kanye the lover? Kanye the superphilosophical? Compared to Mozart, then called a narcissistic monster, but also god-like? Yes, yes, and yes! Look, you have to read the entire interview HERE. I’m still making my way through it but I had to pull these excerpts out for you.

I think if you’re a fan (i.e. ME) this piece will make you love him more, and if you’re not, you probably won’t be by the end. But I know lots of folks who got their minds/lives changed when Yeezus dropped so I highly recommend listening to that. While reading the rest of the interview, lol. Now I’m gonna go tattoo some of these quotes onto my body. I’ll probably start with this one, which closes the interview:

I am a god. Now what?

Exactly. What? Exactly.



    • Shannon

      Trent, agreed. Wholeheartedly.

  • Lalala

    “—as an intellect who doesn’t like to read a lot—”
    I’m not sure what this means…. how exactly does he absorb information to make himself an intellect without reading?

    I swear I agree with you on pretty much everything else, Shannon! Scandal, Blake Griffin, dancehalll….. ;)

    Kanye’s pseudo intellectual rants and God complex just drive me nuts.

    • Alecia

      Yeah, I’m sorry and I agree with you as well Lalala. He invalidated himself with that whole “I’m an intellectual who doesn’t like to read”. How else do you process information- osmosis?

    • Shannon

      Lalala and Alecia, oooh this is a great question! Can you still call yourself an intellectual if you don’t like to read? I absolutely think you can. Lalala you ask ‘how exactly does he absorb information’ and there are so many ways– some of which are lined out in the interview. He loves design (fashion, architecture), obviously he loves music, fine art, etc. I also think Kanye does read things, but he may not be the type to take a lit course (remember, he’s a college dropout).

      I’ve met lots of people who I would call intellectual and they don’t exactly enjoy reading or read al lot. But they’re interested in everything and in understanding things and experiencing things. They actually enjoy the act of thinking/learning and I think that’s a huge part of being an intellectual.

      Also, I find Kanye to be HILARIOUS, so that’s part of where the love comes from. To even have the arrogance to say that God has played a trick on you by making you sooo smart but by also not making you a reader is just funny to me. If you can laugh at him (and with him, because he laughs at himself a lot too), he’s so much more enjoyable.

  • janaegal

    I hate he used the R word but I suppose I’m not terribly surprised.

    I am however always pleasantly surprised by how witty he is in person, not just in song.

  • Monicaaa

    Oh Kanye – I just can’t quit you!

    I’m with you Shannon – I find him hilarious. I also agree that one can be an intellectual without being a reader. I am an avid reader myself but I’d say being an intellectual is more about being an observer of life. Travel is another great way to absorb knowledge too.

    Overall I just love that Kanye holds himself to a high standard and cares so much about quality. He thinks outside the box so even if you don’t like what he puts out, you could never call him boring!

  • LiQue

    HE is everything but intelligent he fell for a kardashian, Point. SET. MATCh.