Justin Bieber Falls Down The Stairs, Shares His Injuries On Instagram


Yes, Justin Bieber falling down the stairs is totally news! For the millions of Beliebers who love and care about him, and for the millions of folks who have been secretly wishing he would just fall down the stairs, but not suffer from any life-threatening injuries– this is a big deal, lol! Justin’s a regular guy y’all. He gets kicked out clubs, he gets dissed when he tries to spit game at the wrong girl, and he falls down the stairs. He also takes pictures of his post-fall/fail injuries and shares them on Instagram, for our viewing pleasure. Click inside for more!

E! has the deets:

Stairs can be tricky. Just ask Justin Bieber!

The 19-year-old pop star tweeted about his “epic” fall-down the stairs Sunday morning. He also posted an Instagram video showing off his injuries.

“So I decided I was gonna fall down the stairs,” Justin says in the clip. It then flashes to a close shot of his scratched-up, red neck. “And so I did! So that’s exactly what I did!”

Oh boy. I know, you wanna see how badly he got hurt, right? Y’all are so morbid! Here ya go:


#whyigottafallandcutmyneckbeforeaphotoshoot fun

And you can go HERE to watch a little Instagram video Justin made. It’s not annoying at all. So yeah.

Man, even though that injury is, like, barely visible I kinda feel like that must have been a pretty legit fall. Is it weird that I wish I could see the actual fall? Not in a malicious way (I don’t think), just so I can see exactly what happened. Exactly how do you fall on the stairs on get a scratch on your neck? LOL. Anyway, here’s hoping his peoples hooked him up with a little Neosporin. That usually does the trick.

Sigh. Only Bieber.


  • Brandyjk

    LOL, c’mon, we would ALL love to see that just to see the little sh*t get just a little gravitational karmic justice.

    • Krissy

      “gravitational karmic justice” LOL!

  • Courtney Bryant

    Nothing is funnier than Beyonce falling at one of her concerts…

    • Krissy

      I was kind of indifferent to B before seeing that, I liked some of her songs didn’t like others…but after seeing her EAT the tread with her face and get up and start singing immediately after, I had to give her some respect.

      No way in hell I would do anything but get up and bawl after falling on my face down a flight of stairs that hard! It looked so painful!

    • Courtney Bryant

      i feel the exact same way! I couldn’t help but go DDDAAAYYYUUUUMMMM! But she kept moving like nothing happened. I for sure would have cried for my mom. lol

    • Krissy

      Exactly! :)

  • nicole