Celebrating The Friendiversary At Disneyland


At last … at long last … after just about 6 years of friendship, my BFFs Kirsten, Darion and I FINALLY made a group visit to Disneyland together … and we had the best day EVER! Kirsten, who lived here in LA for four years before she moved back to her home in Australia to become a doctor, made her first visit to Disneyland yesterday … and Darion and I were able to show her around like the Disney pros that we are. Altho the 3 of us won’t officially celebrate our 6 year Friendiversary until this coming Thursday, we decided to get the party started with a family trip to Disneyland yesterday … and we, naturally, had a blast.

Our day got off to a rocky start because of a “safety issue” at the huge Mickey & Friends parking structure. Traffic was diverted away from Disneyland, causing massive headaches which forced us to park really far from the park. We almost bailed after an extra hour of waiting but the Disney folks, as usual, gave us free parking and a free shuttle ride to the park to make up for the inconvenience. Once we got into the park, it was FUN FUN FUN! Since it was Kirsten’s first visit, everything was new again. We took her on some of our fave rides (Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, etc.), fed her some of our favorite treats (DOLE WHIP!) and basically ran around the park like a bunch of kids. We got Mickey Mouse ears hats, saw a couple of shows (one that featured Darion’s friend James as Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid) and just had the best time ever. Of course Disneyland was fun but it was getting to spend time with Kiki and Darion just like the good ol’ days of Le Gang TM when we first started hanging out was just the best ever. It’s so nice having Kirsten here in LA again.

She and I will be traveling to Europe together next week for about a week so I’m really looking forward to that! After a few days in NYC, we’ll be spending some time in Stockholm, Sweden! Any Swedes out there? We’re coming to visit you!! I’ll talk more about this as the week unfolds but, yeah, I’m excited!!

Today, I’m hoping to meet up with Tamar for a hang session tonight cuz I haven’t seen her in AGES. I have some errands to run but all in all, it should be a nice, relaxed day. I hope you are having the best Monday ever!! Happy New Week!

  • Genevieve Becker

    Give Tamar and Kiki a squeeze from me!

  • Jenny

    I love your shirt Trent!

  • Emily

    awwh, I remember when she moved back to OZ and how heartbreaking it was for you guys. It’s so great that you’ve already had a ton of adventures together, and now NYC & Sweden?!? Awesomeness! Enjoy!

  • momo

    Trent I know this is a bit random, and I hope you read this! Every time I see your monogrammed mickey ears, I just love them! my cousin is making the trip to Disney with her kids and I can’t afford to tag along (i’m all the way up in Canada), BUT I can get her to pick me up some monogrammed Mickey Ears! I can find the ears online, but not the cost of monogramming. how much does it cost? is it per letter?

    You know, I hope they pay you for all the promotion you give them! LOL! And that is an amazing t-shirt!

    • @momo — The name stitching that they do at the Disney parks costs, I believe, $7 per line (with extra cost for fancy fonts, more lines of text). They still use the old fashioned sewing machines that they used back in the 50s when Disneyland opened. Mickey Ears hats start at around $15 and then with name stitching, the cost is around $22 — but there’s a discount if you have an annual pass. Hope that helps :)

  • momo

    Aww Trent! Thank you so much for your speedy reply! truly appreciated!! :)