After Last Night’s ‘Mad Men’ Finale, It’s Clear That Elisabeth Moss AKA Peggy Olson Is Insanely Hot


So, last night. Season finale of Mad Men. Not a big deal… except it totally was. As y’all know I’m a new Mad Men fan and only started watching the first season on Netflix a couple of months ago. I got so addicted, so quickly, I covered 5 seasons in, like a matter of weeks. Not sure if that’s something to be proud of, but I had a friggen blast! Very early on it became clear to me that Peggy Olson was my favorite character. I literally felt like I’d never seen anyone like her on TV and it was so refreshing and amazing and mind-blowing and then she got pregs and then there’s her seemingly undefinable relationship with Don Draper– it’s a whole thing. Alongside Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal, she’s one of my favorite people on TV, but I have to admit that I find Peggy to be the more compelling character. All this to say I’ve always been attracted to Peggy, and I’ve seen her looking gorgeous in photoshoots, but during last night’s episode I realized that she is friggen hot. As in, hot. Not cute, not attractive-because-she’s-confident-and-smart-and rolls-with-the-big-boys; just hot. Click inside so we can discuss this week’s Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently!

So I’m not gonna get too deep into last night’s episode in case you haven’t seen it yet, but OMGEEEeeee! Some ish popped off! All I’m gonna say is this. There’s this part. Okay? Where Peggy walks into a room where Ted, Harry, and Jim are meeting. She asks if it’s okay if she heads out because she has something to do (AKA someone to do… at least she kinda wants Ted to think that). And this is how she looks:


The moment was so epic, I don’t even want to spoil it for you if you haven’t watched yet. So I can’t even show you the full outfit. But I will show you Ted’s reaction:


I was done! Done with Peggy, who then goes on to reveal that the only fragrance she ever wears is Chanel No. 5, then walks the eff out of the room and it’s just over. O-vah! Except not. Watch the episode, lol!

Now we celebrated Christina Hendricks’s hotness a while back (before I was even watching the show) but today it’s all about Elisabeth ‘Peggy Olson’ Moss. She is hot. And everyone needs to just go on ahead and bow down.

Okay, wait one more picture from last night’s episode. Because this really was the hottest moment ever, but SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! it kinda tells you something you may not wanna know:


Look familiar?
SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! DON’T LOOK at this next picture if you didn’t watch last night, lol!


Whew! Yeah. She’s hot. Peep the gallery for more!

  • fab4runner

    Loved the finale and looove Peggy! Elisabeth Moss is so great in the show, and she is definitely smokin’ hot.

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, I seriously cannot wait for the next season. So excited for whatever they have in store for Peggy!

  • Jen C

    Not to be too pervy, but Elizabeth Moss is topless in the newish Sundance show – Top of the Lake. Highly recommended for other reasons as well!

    • Shannon

      Jen C, LMAOOooo! Your opening was everything! I’d heard about Top of the Lake a while back but completely forgot about it. Thanks– looking forward to checking out Elisabeth…….. and her rack, lol :)

  • Lauren xx

    What I love most about Peggy Olson is that she gets what she wants by working hard for it, not by using her sexuality. It’s such a nice contrast to the other female characters. (Although to Joan’s credit, she uses her sexuality in an empowering kind of way, whereas Betty always comes off as submissive and a spoiled brat.)

    • Shannon

      Lauren xx, I agree that Peggy is a very unique character. But Joan is complicated too– very different from Peggy but I love it when the two of them kinda work together.

  • Maggie K

    LOL! I totally had the exact same moment today! I’ve been watching Mad Men since the beginning, but could never decide if I thought she was super attractive or okay-too-little-girl-cute-ish. After this season, definitely hawt.

    (ps: i always love your posts shannon!! much love!! )

    • Shannon

      Maggie K, thank you love!