‘Who Knew Propaganda Could Be So Hot?’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


I want to say that this was another fun week in celebrity pop culture, but the truth is I was completely stressed out this week. I’ve never been one to complain about how difficult it is to deal with a newborn baby… however… I don’t think I’ve ever lost so much sleep over a baby, including my own two boys. Sigh. North West. Little baby North West. How is it that– without even being flesh of my flesh– you’ve managed to have me sleep-deprived, red-eyed, and in such physical and emotional turmoil?! Y’all. I am still not over the fact that Kanye West and his girlfriend/possible fiancé named their daughter North no-middle-name-cause-apparently-ain’t-nobody-got-time-fa-dat West. I’m not over it! The whole situation dominated my week and I’ve only recently found some solace after reading a tweet from Jelani Cobb: I think “North” is a great first name — if your parents escaped slavery or you’re a character in a Toni Morrison novel. I’m now trying to convince myself that Kimye spent the last 9 months reading either Song Of Solomon or Paradise or Beloved. Because. Yeah. That must be it. The other things that have brought me some solace are the comments from you crazy, crazy PITNBrs! So click inside for just a few of our best comments of the week!

PITNBr Tom commented on this Henry Cavill workout video that was so nice we had to post it twice (HERE and HERE). The Man Of Steel teamed up with the US National Guard to both promote his fitness/hotness and um the government’s need for new recruits, lol:

Who knew propaganda could be so hot?

PITNBr Mark had me cracking up when he kinda had to check another reader, who commented that Miley Cyrus was clearly trying to be ‘black’ in her new video for We Can’t Stop:

ooooooooooo no that is not how we act, sorry.

PITNBr susanna weighed in on the most commented-on story of the week– the Paula Deen situation. I applaud all of you who commented, shared thoughts, and even further researched the story and came back with comments (like PITNBr Krissy). I also have to say, I read some comments that could easily be defined as classist, and even racist. But that’s the point of a conversation– to hear differing views, allowing us to piece them together to get a sense of where we are as an entire society. I really appreciated susanna’s response to the story:

just wanna say to the folks saying “well, i’d prefer ANY race of people who are educated, funny, family-friendly, upper middle-class, and professional” etc, please consider the context, and also the specificity (and relevance) of shannon’s phrasing. the operative word is “their,” in a country built by the literal commodification of black people by white people. this continuation of a consideration on the part of white people of their preference of “their” black people is a continuation of the commodification of black people…

there are other things to be considered as well – the institutionalized prejudice against non-white (and non-straight and non-male) people in a white-centered country doesn’t exactly offer mega opportunity for all that education whites would like to see “their” black people getting. (google “redlining,” for instance, and consider how that echoed down. research harlem’s history. think about stuff like legacy students in top colleges and universities that were not allowing black students a few generations ago. this sh*t is ALIVE AND WELL.)

and to prefer someone in such a specific category is …. well, gross. it does not allow for the possibility of some culture of quality outside that picture. it does not allow for individuals. it does not allow for creativity like street art, drag, hip-hop, even stuff like country music. hell, even folks like van gogh. it’s so narrow. and …. gross. that’s the best word i have for it. it’s gross.

as for ms. deen herself, i agree with you, shannon – she’s not saying anything that’s not said allllll the time by white people in america, behind closed doors. but that in no way condones it. i hope this crappy incident helps move the country forward. boy, do we need it.

PITNBr Pinkster helped us figure out why Paula Deen’s bullshizz apology video (the first of two) had so many pauses between takes:

I heard what she was saying between the edit cuts. “I’m sooo soooo sorry that my contract is being shredded as I speak. I’m soooo soooo sorry!”

And now. The best in PITNBr commentary RE: the North Western aggression. What? LMAO. You know, Kimye’s baby, who I can’t wait to meet, BTW:

PITNBr Amy, sooooo wrong. Soooo hilarious:

It’s bad, but the silver lining is that now we can refer to Kim’s business as the North West Passage.

PITNBr supercute, excellent point:

Let’s all just thank whatever deity we choose that they didn’t name the baby Knorth.

PITNBr JC was nominated by PITNBr Emily. They both had me googling ‘Eatsoggy,’ and now I’m in on the joke, LOL:

Breaking News! Her middle name is Eatsoggy …

PITNBr Lauren xx was there for me (like a lot of you were– ‘preciate it) when I learned the tragic news about Kate Upton dating Blake Griffinewwwwww!!! No but really, you nailed it Lauren:

Kate should be dating someone Gosling-caliber. Rookie mistake. She needs a hot model mentor/life coach, I nominate Miranda Kerr. (Qualifications: married Orlando Bloom, looks BANGIN’ 24/7 even post-flight, is just all around awesome.)

PITNBr Lauren xx, shouts-out to you for also schooling me on the art of watching ridiculous porn, i.e. the new Man Of Steel XXX movie:

You watch this with a group of friends and a bottle of tequila, and you laugh a LOT. (My friends and I watched Pirates just because we wanted to see what the biggest budgeted porn was like. I’m assuming Man of Steel XXX will have the same effect.)

PITNBr Nicole O’Brien, I hope your hubby NEVER reads this hilarious comment from our Henry Cavill/Hot Person Of The Week post/please supply us with deets if you ever do get this ‘hall pass’ thing popping off:

Yes! Thank you for this! And Shannon, thank you for the buff, shirtless workout video. He would totally be my “hall pass” if the opportunity presented itself.

This may have been a difficult week for me, but y’all really did help me through it. I’m almost (almost) ready to accept the newest, strangest celebrity baby name ever. And I’m hoping Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man And The Sea (which I just bought and have somehow never read!) will help me remember that there’s more to life than Kimye’s ridonkulousness. Nobody call me!!!