Check Out This 14 Year-Old’s Amazing, Surreal Self Portraits


Ages and ages ago I shared some really awesome self-portraits taken by a couple of teenage photographers, and we also checked out the brilliant work of Kimiko Yoshido a while back. Some folks out here really know how to take an amazing self portrait, and 14 year-old Zev Hoover from Natick, Massachusetts is one of them. I came across these photos a while back and have been meaning to share– they are so surreal and beautiful, I just love, love, love. Zev (who goes by fiddle oak) manipulates these brilliant photos, many of which capture the natural elements, and incorporates his own small body into them. I love how the tiny, tiny self is juxtaposed against the grandness and grandeur of nature and the rest of the world. His sister Nellie (who’s 17) is his collaborator and you can see more of his work HERE. Also, artists and photographers will appreciate his blog, which details some of his creative processes.