‘The Pokémusical’ Is A Real Thing & It Is Glorious


Last night I got to hang out with my dear friend Adriana who I haven’t seen in ages but I’ve been dying to spend some time with. She’s been bizzy interviewing for a new job (which she got, btw) and has been out of town a lot. We managed to finally nail down a date and last night was our night. We met up for drinks and dinner at the Cat & Fiddle pub in Hollywood before we made our way to Theater Asylum to see a Fringe Fest production of The Pokémusical! The night, as you can imagine, was a really fun one … full of laughter, Pokémon and friendship.

OMG, The Pokémusical … to be honest, I bought tickets to the show without even investigating what it was all about. I figured a musical based on Pokémon was worth seeing … and I was right. The show, clocking almost 2 hours, tells the tale of Ash Ketchum and his friends Misty and Brock as they attempt to become Pokémon masters. Unlike the video game and cartoon, tho, The Pokémusical tells the tale with a bit more music and LOT more adult language. Overall, the show was really fun and funny … but it does have some problems that I hope will get worked out if the production continues to be workshopped. All our fave Pokémon characters, including Team Rocket, are featured in the show and provided Adriana and me with more entertainment than we hoped for. I believe there are a few more performances lined up as the Fringe Fest continues so if you wanna see this show, you still have time.

Today is going to be real chill. I will be headed down to the beach to hang out with Emma and Josh now that he’s home from the hospital. Other than that, a whole lotta nada :D Happy Saturday!!

  • Lorraineliloe

    When I saw this on your Instagram last night the thought of a Pokemon musical totally gave me the giggles for awhile. Glad you enjoyed it and happy nada Saturday to you too!

  • nicole

    when i saw you post this on IG my very first thought was “this is real :o”?? glad to hear it was a disaster lol