Paris Jackson Reportedly Has A Long Way To Go Before She Will Return Home


As many of us know, Paris Jackson has been in a hospital since her suicide attempt at the beginning of the month, and since then we’ve heard a few reports about how she’s faring, and what the courts plan to do about the situation. Her mother Debbie Rowe has been involved, but apparently has no current plans to try to become Paris’s legal guardian. Today we’re hearing that Paris is doing better, but still has a long ways to go before she’ll be returning to her home if Calabasas. Click inside to learn more.

E! has the story:

While Paris Jackson will be receiving care for some time after her alleged attempted suicide, a source tells E! News exclusively that her treatment might continue someplace other than her current hospital digs—possibly out-of-state, or perhaps even while staying with her mom, Debbie Rowe.
“She is doing a lot better,” the source says, but also adds that the 15-year-old daughter of Rowe and the late Michael Jackson “has a while to go.”

“She is going to have several months to be [in the hospital], or to another facility…or she will stay a while with Debbie and have daily sessions,” the source says. “They are deciding now. A lot has to do with the hospital and the doctor’s recommendations.”

Either way, the source says, “She is not going to go back to her home immediately after getting out of the hospital. At some point, when she is ready, she will go back to her Calabasas home.”
The family is looking at out-of state options, the source says, including educational treatment facilities, “but they prefer for her to stay here so the family can visit her more often. No decision has been made.”

The source also confirms that Rowe has been visiting Paris in the hospital. “[Debbie] is talking to her every day,” the source says. “Debbie has basically taken the situation by the hand.”

It sounds like the people involved are really taking her health seriously, and that’s a good thing. Paris should be in no rush to get home and I’m sure some time in a treatment center could really benefit her.

Here’s hoping she’s working with some good people and getting everything she needs right now.