Miranda Kerr Covers The July Issue Of ‘Vogue’ Korea


Y’all know how I feel about Miranda Kerr so you know I get excited every time I hear about a new photo shoot she’s in… but this one? I don’t know if it’s just me, but I could not get into it. This cover– I love (even the so-called granny panties)! But then Miranda has a spread in the July issue of Vogue Korea and she’s modeling activewear… which is fine! But some of the shots of her being, like, sporty (or pretending to be) are so funny to me! I think it’s the ones with the basketball– LMAO! Like, I just know she’s terrible at basketball. I just know it. So even though she looks great (and I know she’s athletic– I’ve seen her yoga moves), I just can’t get away from how unrealistic it all seems. But still. It’s a fun shoot… or a funny shoot. Either way, it’s Miranda! Peep the gallery for more! Then re-live and re-love this shoot she did for Mango earlier in the year, which was more my style.


  • Cee

    I feel like this post will be just for you and I, Shannon. I love Miranda, the cover is fabulous, granny panties and all – she is hawking Clear shampoo and conditioner in Oz and I think Asia, so everytime she speaks, I hit the mute button, but gah, I love her so, so much!

  • Shannon

    Cee, ‘everytime she speaks, I hit the mute button’ LMAO! I had a similar experience when I saw an interview with Marion Cotillard. I realized I can’t take her off-screen and, like, speaking normally.

  • Katy

    Miley Cyrus, take notes. THIS is sexy. Even fully clothed, it’s effortless for Miranda.

  • Nicole O’Brien

    Ya’ll know she would look way more fabulous playing bball in real life than in this photo shoot.