Movie Review: ‘Monsters University’


After running around taking care of a few errands yesterday, I discovered that a few theaters here in LA were offering early showings of the new Disney/Pixar film Monsters University (which opens in theaters today) and I decided to get the jump on things and see the movie as soon as possible. I called up Darion and away we went. Monsters, Inc. is one of my fave Pixar films so I’ve been really anxious to see this prequel. I am very happy to report that the Pixar magic strikes again … Monsters University is really a fantastic film.

As you may know, Monsters University tells the tale of Mike Wazowski and Sully back when they were in college together studying to be scarers at Monsters, Inc. Because the movie is set on a college campus, there are LOTS of fun opportunities to have fun with the college experience. Pixar manages to give us a heartfelt and very funny story that ties in very nicely with the Monsters, Inc. that we already know and love. There are new characters introduced in this new film voiced by Helen Mirren and Nathan Fillion. Each actor delivers an excellent performance but, man, Helen Mirren is really great in this movie. She plays the villain of sorts and I can honestly tell you, I hated her character … as intended. If you’re a fan of Monsters, Inc. and Pixar films overall then you will LOVE Monsters University. I know there are a lot of movies in theaters right now but you must make sure to see this movie on the big screen. Another Pixar classic is born!

Earlier in the day, I had some business stuff to take care of … then afterward, I decided to unwind in Beverly Hills. I ran into Alexis, from The Real Housewives of Orange County along the way and she seemed just about the way you’d expect from seeing her on TV:

After the movie, I called it a day early. I think I’ve determined that I’m not getting sick … my body is just all achey from my long 26.2 mile run. I’m feeling better today, which is nice. Tonight, I’m meeting up with Adriana so that we can see The Pokémusical at the Fringe Fest. I’m not sure what to expect but I’m very excited to see it :D Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!

  • Keegan

    I don’t know what the Pokémusical is (though I assume it’s pokémon related!) but did you know that Andrew Rannells starred in a Pokémon musical way back when? PLEASE find it on youtube. The clips of it are soooo awkward/hilarious. He’s James from Team Rocket – must. see.

  • Dezden

    I rarely watch movies, but I really do want to see this! Did you see the website for the film??? It’s SO cute, and I especially love it since I work in higher education (and also have a master’s degree with a focus in the area). Actually, I’m going to go look at it again now. Haha.