A Sequel To The Alien Invasion Movie ‘Independence Day’ Is Coming!


Remember that brilliantly fun alien invasion movie Independence Day that took the summer box office by storm back in 1996? Well, today we learn that a sequel to the film will be invading theaters again in July of 2015. 20th Century Fox has announced that Independence Day 2 is on the way and director Rolland Emmerich reveals what we can expect when the aliens return to earth. Click below to learn all the known deets about this forthcoming sequel and get excited, y’all. ID2 will be here soon!

Yet another science fiction movie to look forward to in two years – Independence Day 2 joins Star Wars Episode VII and Jurassic Park 4 in the summer of 2015. The studio behind the first Independence Day movie, 20th Century Fox have announced the release date for Independence Day 2 being none other than July 3rd, 2015 – because really, no other release date would make much sense. So what will happen in Independence Day 2? Well, recently director Roland Emmerich revealed that the Aliens return to Earth, 20 years after the events which took place in the first film – and they bring their friends. Also, recently reported, Independence Day 2 will be scripted to end leading into a third film – so expect an Independence Day Saga in the near future!

YES! Now this is a sequel that I can get excited about. I vividly remember when Independence Day came out way back in 1996 because it was such a massive blockbuster that summer. The image of those huge alien ships blowing up the White House became ingrained in our pop culture consciousness (to this day, films like White House Down blow up the White House in movies as if it were an everyday occurrence … but Independence Day was the movie that really did it first and best). I was in Oklahoma at the time doing my undergraduate work at the University of Oklahoma and I worked for a brief time as an usher at the big AMC Theater in Oklahoma City. It was the worst job of my life and, thankfully, I quit before the summer blockbuster season started. The lines for Independence Day were out the door and around the block … it was a huge, huge movie. I’m actually quite surprised that it took the movie studio this long to figure out a way to do a sequel. Special effects technology has grown significantly and I suspect this sequel will be made in 3D. As long as Will Smith does NOT appear in this follow-up film, I’ll be ecstatic. This is really great news, I can’t wait for ID2 to hit theaters :)


  • nicole

    i cant believe ID came out in 1996. it doesnt feel like its been that long. i still watch it at least once a year.

  • Caitlin

    I was 6 when that came out, my brother was 4 and my aunty managed to convince my mum that it was fine to take us to watch it. Not fine! My brother slept through most of it but managed to wake up at one of the really scary (for kids) bits and slept in mums bed for a year after that.

  • Ben@PR

    It will be great as long as Will AND his kids doesn’t appear in it .