Wyclef Jean Says, No, He Is Not Collaborating With Amanda Bynes


We heard a pretty cray report the other day, but since it involved Amanda Bynes– who’s been living a life dedicated to the cray lately– many of us wondered if there was some truth to it. A little while back Amanda let the world know that she would be working on a new album because, obviously. Next we heard she was getting ready to drop some hot fiya with the one and only Wyclef Jean… LMAO. I’ve heard crazy things about both of these people, so I was inclined to believe the rumor. However, Wyclef’s people are now coming out and saying that the collaboration is not going down. Click inside for more!

TMZ has the deets:

Amanda Bynes won’t be releasing an album with Wyclef Jean’s help any time soon — reps for the former Fugees rapper tell TMZ, Clef has NO intention to collaborate with the wig-wearing tornado of confusion.

There were reports Bynes and Wyclef would be joining forces for Amanda’s upcoming album on Chinga Chang records — after the label’s CEO Daniel Herman went on the record saying he was bringing the two together for an explosive collaboration.

But Wyclef’s management says it’s just not gonna happen, telling TMZ, Wyclef has no intention of working with Amanda.

In fact, Wyclef’s people say he’s never even spoken to Amanda.

But it’s not the end of the world, right? Paris Hilton didn’t have Wyclef’s help.

LOLOLOL, this is so beyond weird. I know this is the celebrity gossip world, but rumors don’t usually come flying out of nowhere, so I’m curious to know if there was even some possibilty that Wyclef was gonna do the collab. I mean, he was a big deal at a certain point but I have no idea what’s going on with him now so I feel like it totally could have gone down.

But it looks like we’re gonna have to keep holding our breaths for the Jean/Bynes collabo record. As TMZ mentioned, at least Paris Hilton got signed. There’s always that to look forward to… Yeah.