Dayum: Did You See Beyoncé At The 40/40 Club 10-Year Anniversary Party?


So, these pictures are from a few nights ago but if you missed them, you missed one of the best-dressed celebrities of the week. Beyoncé showed up at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club 10-Year anniversary party rocking this gorgeous, white Roberto Cavalli dress and basically shut the whole world down, lol. Roberto Cavalli designed some dresses for Beyoncé‘s world tour, and it looks like these two are a match made in fashion nirvana. Love her look for this night, love the pic of her and Jay-Z with friggen T.I. and Tiny, don’t love the pics of her and Jigga looking so effing happy together… LOL. Y’all know I can’t stand when they take cute pictures together. Peep the gallery for more!

[Photo Credit: Getty]

  • Cee

    That body is not preparing for BIC2.

  • nicole

    theres something that bothers me about the dress on her. i dont know if its the fit, the hair or what. something just seems off.