Watch: Pitbull & Christina Aguilera Perform ‘Feel This Moment’ On The Season Finale Of ‘The Voice’


Earlier today we got to see video of Cher performing her new single Woman’s World on the season finale of The Voice last night and right now we get to watch another live performance from the show. Former judge on The Voice (who will return to the show as judge next season) Christina Aguilera joined her homie Pitbull on stage for a duet performance of his hit single Feel This Moment. As you can hear in the embed above, Xtina seemed to have some difficulty with the song because, IMHO, she always tends to overdo it when she performs live. We all know Xtina has a very big and powerful voice but she sometimes has trouble knowing how to reign it in so that it works for her, not against her. Still, I think the performance overall was good … it just wasn’t great. I must confess, I’ve grown to love this song so I’m happy to see that it was performed on the show last night. Check out the performance and hear for yourself how well/not well Pitbull and Xtina delivered.

  • Sara

    Agreed that she just blasted it out… it took her until maybe the third time singing to control it enough to make it sound good. I like this song though, so it was fun to see it performed. I don’t know how excited I am to see her back as a judge, though…. she makes every single comment and critique about herself somehow. My husband and I turned it into a drinking game last season LOL.

  • nicole

    when i heard that she was returning for the finale, i just couldnt figure out what song she would be performing. i never even thought about this song. was it the best performance? no. but they looked like they had fun & she looked damn good.

  • Sandy!

    I love this song!
    Christina has such a beautiful voice, I wish she wouldn’t overdo it so much.
    But then it wouldn’t be Christina.

    Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how hot Christina looks?! Omg, the skirt is tight but it doesn’t look like it’s going to burst at any given moment!

    • supercute

      Yes yes yes! She looked good! I really hope she hires Shakira’s stylist for her next season, or at least took some good notes, because Shakira walked the perfect line of looking sexy and stylish.

  • t*

    She looked really cute too.

  • Patrick Friend Perez

    OKAY…..but you have to admit that it would be difficult to belt that song when you’re on a tiny pedestal that’s HIGH up. I would mess up too because i’d be more concern about my safety!!