First Look: Miley Cyrus Releases A Music Video For ‘We Can’t Stop’


At the start of the month we got our first listen of Miley Cyrus’s new single We Can’t Stop and today we get to check out the just-released music video for the track. As you can see in the embed above, the video is full of Miley booty, gold grillz, twerking, semi-hard partying, more Miley booty, more gold grillz, more twerking, etc. etc. It looks to me like Miley Cyrus is making a clear statement with this video about who she is these days so … check it out and formally meet the new Miley. What do you think?

  • Monicaaa

    I’m totally down with Miley reinventing herself and I really do applaud her I-don’t-give-a-sh*t attitude – but there are too many parts of this video that are just OTT and tacky.

    Every artist, and especially every female artist, has to find that line for themselves about what is cool and what is just gross and I think Miley has a way to go before she figures out that she doesn’t have to play to the lowest common denominator with her sexuality. She needs to watch some Madonna and Britney vids to see how the masters do it.

    For some reason, I’m still rooting for her though. If she’s having fun, it’s all good. She’s still so young after all.

    • Devonte Antonio

      I agree with everything you just said. Perfect.

    • Megan

      Why do FEMALE artists ESPECIALLY have to find a line for themselves?

  • nicole

    i dont know why., but i kind of love this video. its so over the top & ridiculous and im pretty sure thats what she was going for.

  • Bethany

    Hannah Montana is rolling over in her grave.

  • Ashley

    So I’m at work and had to stop watching because it seems a little too inappropriate for viewing at work haha.

    It just seems like she is trying to hard, but I think she will eventually find the happy-medium to make all of it work.

  • Louigi12

    Oy vey.

  • rOXy

    Whatevs. She is having fun and all, but for me, watching this was like chaperoning a high school sleep over.

  • superjosh

    Is it wrong that I am slightly amused…?

    I do love the 3:03 mark when they’re tussling and some guy accidentally steps on Miley’s head. :)

  • Alecia

    I don’t like the song and was hoping the video might sway me. It didn’t.

  • t*

    What’s up with the Kesha look…I think the video is meant to be over the top but it’s dumb. She can be sexy without being trashy. I don’t like it and the video makes the song worst.

  • Stephen Gil

    I feel like if this video were to come along with a scratch and sniff sticker the scent would be a mix of Pabst Blue Ribbon and menthol cigarettes.

  • Sandy!

    You know that feeling when your scrolling through tumblr with your family in the room and there’s a bunch of cats so you think you’re safe then BAM! porn?

    Yeah, that’s how this felt.

    • rOXy

      ha! I also imagine the horror that Liam and his family must feel. It must be embarrassing to them. I imagine it is much like the family dog greeting visitors by humping their leg….”Buddy! Stop!” *heavy panting* *eyes squint* “Can’t! Can’t Stop!”

  • nacho

    Oh man, I just can’t. . . it’s just bad, it reminds me of my teenage years when I watched my best friend try too hard to fit in with the popular crowd and she’s bending over backwards to impress them and you’re just hoping she stops because she’s making an ass of herself but it won’t stop. Sigh.

    Oh Miley, I love you but seriously you can tell this new you doesn’t come naturally…

    • Krissy

      “she’s bending over backwards to impress them and you’re just hoping she stops because she’s making an ass of herself ”

      Exactly. I feel bad for her, just a bit.

  • Balito

    LOL… She thinks she is black!!! God bless her heart… I like it!!! :D

    • Mark

      ooooooooooo no that is not how we act, sorry.

    • Lauren xx

      Seriously, dude? Inappropriate comment. A person can’t act like an entire race, life doesn’t work that way.

    • Sandy!

      This is how bored suburban children act.

    • Joan

      Sandy, I was just thinking about how Miley and Beiber should date. That would be the mother of over-the-topness.

  • Courtney Bryant

    No really when she was wearing that black cap at the end I was thinking “Hey, Justin Bieber Cameo!! that’s fun!”

    Just kidding….It was her…

  • Heather

    I think the video is hilarious! There’s nothing wrong with having fun at a party and being silly. I liked the song to begin with, and the video is f-ing great!!!

  • Kat

    This is so totally vulgar and disturbing on so many levels…

  • Heather

    Most things about this video I think I sort of have a love-hate relationship with. The one thing I cannot say that about is the creepy bumpin’ white mask, that thing is just what.

  • Emily

    Guys! New drinking game! Take a shot every time Miley sticks her tongue out – you won’t be able to feel your feet by the end of this mess. BONUS – you’ll forget the vid ever happened too!

    • Krissy

      That would be a pretty hard core drinking game! ;)

  • Joan

    I hate to say it, but Miley has always been borderline annoying to be. Lately I do think she’s been trying way too hard to put a very specific image out there. The things is: I don’t necessarily think her image is fake, but I still find it annoying as hell. I guess I find her authentically bordeline annoying. *head scratch*

  • Katy

    And that statement is, “I’m a trainwreck future stripper”?