Joe Manganiello Covers ‘Men’s Health’ & British ‘Men’s Health’ Magazines


While Taylor Lautner is pretending to be a man on the set of his new film, True Blood star Joe Manganiello is bizzy being a hot hunk of a man on the covers and in the pages of the new issues of both the domestic and British editions of Men’s Health magazines. Joe does double duty as coverstar for both mags this Summer and amazingly, the mags each feature different and extremely hawt photos. Click below to see the very beefy Joey Man on the covers of both magazines, read some excerpts from his interview and feast your eyes on a few of his VERY hunky photospread photos. Can you say, Woof?

True Blood star Joe Manganiello has one of the hottest body in Hollywood. And in a new interview with Men’s Health magazine he has revealed his secret motivation behind his amazing physique of werewolf pack leader Alcide Herveaux. ‘I’m playing a werewolf,’ he says. ‘I want to look sinewy. I want to look like an animal when the shirt comes off, but I want it to be misleading when I have the shirt on.’ Joe graces the cover of the magazine wearing jeans and a tight grey t-shirt which show off his bulging biceps to the max. Inside the handsome 36-year-old Pittsburgh-born actor is seen displaying his wash-board abs while floating around in a swimming pool sporting a cheeky grin with his hands casually placed behind his head. With his amazing body the star is one of the favorite cast members on the popular vampire drama which has millions of fans around the world. As opposed to what he had been doing before in his previous workout sessions. ‘It was very fast-paced, no rest between sets, getting the heart rate up,’ he revealed. But getting his amazing body has not been easy – Joe admitted to the magazine that his workout regime before the show is very intense and changed over time. ‘Lift heavy, hang out, get back under it,’ he added. Although he has found fame and fortune now Joe revealed to Men’s Health that things were not always as easy for him as he struggled to make a name for himself in Hollywood. Before becoming a household name on HBO’s True Blood the actor struggled to pay his rent as he landed bit parts on movie’s like Spiderman. ‘About 6 months after the shoot ended (for Spiderman), I got thrown out of my apartment for not paying rent,’ he revealed. ‘Lost my car. Lost all my clothes. Furniture. The sheriff gave me 5 minutes to collect my things in a duffle bag and leave the apartment.’ But these days as the new season of True Blood premiered last night he has no such worries as his career goes from strength to strength.

Ahhh, who doesn’t love a rags to riches story … but I’m guessing that not many of you even read the copy quoted above and are just enjoying the lovely photos. The rock-climbing photos from the British Men’s Health while the pool photo is from the US version of Men’s Health. All 3 photos, I must admit, each have their own appeal … don’t you think? It’s always a treat to see Joe featured in a magazine like Men’s Health because it’s a pretty sure bet that he won’t be wearing much in the accompanying photospread. MMMMM MMMMM MMMM. Enjoy.

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  • nicole

    *sigh* yummy.

  • EK

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really find him that attractive? He’s good-looking, yeah, but he’s too beefy for me.

    • me

      There is no such thing as “too beefy”.