Is Amanda Bynes Really Making An Album . . . With Wyclef Jean?!?


Among the wacky things that Amanda Bynes has made public is her alleged desire to become a singer/rapper … and if you can believe it, it appears that someone is taking her seriously enough to consider working on a record with her. According to Chinga Chang Records CEO Dan Herman, he and Wyclef Jean (failed Haitian presidential candidate and former member of The Fugees) have decided to meet with Amanda to talk music. Thus far there has been no official confirmation of this but Herman seems HAPPY to talk as if the deal is already done and an album is on the way. Click below to read what he has to say about the possible release of an Amanda Bynes album coming our way.

Amanda Bynes is meeting up tonight with Wyclef Jean to discuss a possible album collaboration, Chinga Chang Records CEO Dan Herman—who will also be in attendance—exclusively tells E! News. “I think it would be perfect,” says Herman. “Linking the two of them will be something major.” Wyclef has been very “receptive” to the idea of meeting with Bynes to brainstorm ideas, Hermon says, noting that he’s confident such a pairing would be “great.” “This album is going to shock the world,” he adds. “She has such a great voice. Singers wish they could hit the notes that Amanda does.” Bynes showed off her singing skills playing Penny Pingleton in Hairspray, which took the 2008 Critics’ Choice Award for Best Ensemble. For this project, Bynes would write her own songs and there would be no lip-syncing, Herman says. He also tells us that the 27-year-old starlet really want to tour and that their respective lawyers are in the final stages of working out an official deal for her to sign with the label that could be finalized this week.

LOL. I don’t know who’s the craziest of the three of these people … Amanda for her antics, Wyclef for even entertaining this notion or Dan for having the gall to try and sell us on this rumored album. If true, tho, it would play perfectly into any sort of game Amanda may have been playing in order to get enough attention to attract a deal like this. I highly doubt that Wyclef Jean would even take Amanda’s call if it hasn’t been for all of the crazy attention she’s gotten lately for her antics. I don’t think a record deal will be signed by “this week” but crazier things have happened. We’ll have to see what transpires from this foolishness. Who knows, we may be jamming out to an Amanda Bynes single by the end of the year. Wouldn’t that be something?


  • paul

    I have no idea what her voice sounds like, she pulled off singing in hairspray but she wasn’t supposed be “good” as penny. Who knows maybe she will be better than expected. Did you see this jonathan jaxson guys supposed text messages with her in which she basically says this is all a joke. I mean, its all very joaquin phoenix but, Im still thinking shes got mental health issues…

  • rOXy

    She broke my wtf meter awhile ago and now I’m winging it. I wouldn’t put it past her to actually do a fairly decent job. She has too much natural comic ability for me to take her seriously as a rapper, but it might be a fun novelty.

    Her singing:

    At age ten doing stand-up comedy:

    • Jstar

      that is not good singing…i think this girl is nuts and there is no way this is just an “act”….

  • Tarah

    I don’t believe this for a second. I’ll wait until she tweets selfies in the studio.

    BTW, Wyclef tried to be a presidential candidate for the country of Haiti, not Jamaica.

    • @Tarah — EEK, you’re right … Haiti, I’ll amend, thanks!!

  • Alecia

    Supposing this is true, which I’m hoping it’s not, I will be officially done with Wyclef. This ninja can work with someone who may or may not be playing us all for a second chance at stardom but he can’t get back together with Pras and L-Boogie for one last Fugees album?! Goodbye, sir!

    • Sandy!

      Girl! I’m right with you on this one.
      Come on, Wyclef!