San Francisco Marathon: Accomplished!


Welp, I did it. I ran my 4th marathon yesterday in San Francisco and altho it was one of the more difficult races of my running career, I can honestly say that it was also one of the most fun. When I signed up to run the San Francisco Marathon I honestly didn’t think about the challenge that I was taking on. SF is a very, very, EXTREMELY hilly city and unsurprisingly, there are a lot of hills over the coarse of the race. The hills were endless and really tough to run but I managed to push thru and get ‘er done. I always feel great when the race is over but my sense of accomplishment yesterday was thru the roof. If I can run a marathon in San Francisco, I think I can run a marathon anywhere else in the world.

The beautiful weather played a huge part in my success yesterday. It was cold enough to be pleasant for the duration of the run. The sun only came out in full force near the end so overheating wasn’t a problem. I was well hydrated thruout and I smartly carried with me the right kind of snacks so that I could eat the calories I needed to fuel my run. OY but those hills … they were really murder. I did well on the first few hills but they just kept coming and I could feel my stamina draining away. I honestly believe if it weren’t for so many hills, I would’ve finished my race in well under 5 hours … which is still a goal for me. I ended up finishing in 5 hours 11 minutes … so close. I did get 2 medals because I ran both the LA Marathon and the SF Marathon in the same year as part of the LA SF Challenge :) I have to send out all my love to Emma’s sister Chelsea for being there at the finish line … seeing her face really was the icing on the cake for me. I also have to send out ALL OF MY LOVE to all of YOU guys for all the messages of support before, during and after the race. Those of you who left comments on FB, you’re the best. My running app read some of them to me along the way … and they were great inspiration to keep going. You are truly the best, all of you … I can never thank you enough for all the wonderful love and support I’ve received … for years now, you guys are an important part of my life and I will be forever grateful. Love and congrats go out to all the runners who participated in yesterday’s race … that course was BRUTAL and we’re all pretty damn amazing for having run the course :)

IN EXTREMELY HAPPY AND TOTALLY UNRELATED NEWS, I am thrilled to share with you that my fave LA band TheOohlas are reuniting for ONE LAST SHOW EVER next month here in LA!!!

My dear Ollie and her bandmats Greg and Mark are getting together to play one last show before the band goes their separate ways. I never like to say never but it’s likely this will be the last Oohlas concert ever. If you’re here in LA, you MUST attend this show. I’ll be there FOR sure so come out and have a drink with me as we celebrate the live music of one of my fave bands. I’m so excited by this news, prepare to hear about it a LOT in the weeks leading up to the show :) Yay!!

I have a screening of World War Z tonight and amazingly, my legs don’t feel as stiff and sore as I feared they would. I’m excited to see the movie but it will be the most excitement I’ll get up to today. I foresee a nap in my immediate future so … there’s that, too. Happy Monday and Happy New Week!!

  • Jstar

    Trent–saw the marathon runners yesterday on the morning news and I waved to you and wished you luck (through the tv of course)!

  • Krissy

    Congratulations! The hills sound so brutal, I can’t imagine running 5 hours of them! Yikes!

    Well done, Trent! :D

  • rOXy

    Damn, Trent, 5:11 on an extremely hilly course is an amazing accomplishment. I hate hills!! Never met one that was my friend when attempting to conquer it. The pre-race rest, hydration and nutrition steps you took really paid off. I’m not on FB, so I couldn’t send messages to you, but I was thinking of you and sending you energy that way. Awesome to hear you finished the race. You are soooo not a quitter. Good job!

    A quick look at my schedule indicates there is a good possibility I will be able to attend the Oohla show. Hope it pans out. Wheee!

  • Rosa

    Hooray! What an accomplishment!!!

  • Karen

    CONGRATS!!!! I’m so excited for you that you completed the SF Marathon!! The hills around here are hard to WALK up, let alone run up and down for miles and miles! Huge accomplishment!

    I actually thought about you and your fellow marathoners when I woke up yesterday and saw that the weather was perfect for running.

    (I’m also glad you finished because I’d wanted to come cheer you on but couldn’t. If you hadn’t finished, I would have felt partially responsible! So thanks for finishing!)

  • Kim

    Congratulations Trent! I am doing a color run (5K) in Lansing because you inspired me!