Henry Cavill, Man Of Steel, Is Hot


This past weekend I did what lots of folks everywhere did, and went to see the new Superman movie, Man Of Steel. Let me just say that, while I didn’t especially enjoy the film, I did connect with a few aspects of the story. I mentioned in the Movie Dads Who Changed My Life post that I really appreciated the relationship between Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) and Clark Kent (Henry Cavill)… but there was something else I really, really appreciated. Henry Cavill. Who is extremely hot, I was able to determine. I know I’m late; I know Trent’s been talking about his hawtness for a minute now, but this is a new feeling for me and I need to express it publicly. I mean, I’d seen the trailers and featurettes, I’d seen him getting all buff, but watching him be all angsty and dark and intense for 2 1/2 hours, and then the suit?! Yeah. No. He could get it. In fact, one of my favorite moments of the film was when one of the cops in the town lit’rally just had to take a moment, pause, and tell her superior officer, ‘Sorry. He’s just really hot.’ That’s exactly how I feel! Except I’m not sorry. Peep the gallery so you can be not sorry too!

Oh, and you’re gonna wanna check out the new Henry Cavill: Shirtless Man of Steel workout video inside. Yeah. Enjoy.

Henry Cavill: Shirtless Man of Steel Workout Video


You’re welcome.

  • Isabelle

    You never watched the Tudors, Shannon ? Oh did I have the hots for him then. Still do.

    • Shannon

      Isabelle, OMG NO! But I always regretted not watching– it looked like a great show. I feel like it might be on Netflix, and now I have another reason to watch :)

    • Vicky

      Shannon… yes – it is on Netflix. It’s actually a really great show. He is… well he is super freaking hot in the show. SO HOT. So it Johnathon Rhys Meyers, though. It’s a wonderful show :)

    • Meghan

      I second The Tudors! One of my favorite show ever and Henry is lovely as Charles Brandon. He has lots of sex scenes!!!

  • fab4runner

    He is gorgeous. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but every time I see this in the previews I swoon:


    I might have to take an entire purse full of panties to the theater.

    • @fab4runner — “I might have to take an entire purse full of panties to the theater”

      LOL! Yeah, Hank looks damn good in this movie. The burly shirtless scenes? Lawd Have Mercy!

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, LMAOOOOooo! That GIF. Yes, hide ya wife, hide ya kids, and bring ya panty drawer.

    • Nicole O’Brien

      Yes! Thank you for this! And Shannon, thank you for the buff, shirtless workout video. He would totally be my “hall pass” if the opportunity presented itself.

  • rOXy

    I am a horrible and unfaithful. I once declared David Beckham as the most perfect man in the history of mankind. I replaced Beck’s picture, (which was next to the definition for the word “flawless” in my dictionary), by taping one of shirtless Henry over it. Every single thing about Henry is so gorgeous there isn’t even a word to describe him.

  • Karen

    I just realized how cool it would be to be someone who makes movies. You could create a whole movie based on requiring Henry Cavill to work out and get really really strong, and then be shirtless or in spandex for a couple of hours on a huge screen.

    I’m so glad someone did that. Really it’s a public service that deserves to be recognized.

  • helen

    OK so, nobody kill be now but he sometimes remind me of a young john travolta, dont know if it’s the chin, or the lips, or the eyes, but he sometimes strikes a resemblance…

    Anyway, he has such a pretty face, that I don’t really like him that much all shaved, but that raw, scruffy look… My goodness…

    p.s. here we are, being all shallow and only caring about this man’s looks… but have you noticed the BRITISH ACCENT??!!! Perfect. Just Perfect.

    • Shannon

      helen, Yassssss! The accent! Thank you for bringing that up. It is mouth-watering.

  • ChadSF

    He is definitely hot. More handsome in person and very humble.

  • swile71

    HOT DAMN! Looking at him makes me feel like a busted can of biscuits.

  • JeniLeeSK8

    I’ve said it for a year now – this man needs to play Christian Grey!