‘I Read That As “Oprah Donates Clooney’s Balls”’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


I hope y’all will forgive me for keeping this week’s selection short, but it’s Father’s Day and someone I know can eat like… well… like a dude. On Father’s Day. So I have hella cooking to do! Speaking of fathers, this week was dominated by first-time father Kanye West, who welcomed a baby girl into the world yesterday. If you haven’t been listening to his leaked album Yeezus for the past few days then I’m not exactly sure what you’ve been doing. Like, seriously. What exactly have you been doing?! LOL. If you missed the leak, then get HERE faster and enjoy some very dope music as you check out a few of our awesomest comments of the week!

PITNBr kriss_t jumbled two separate Les News stories together, and the outcome was hilarious:

I read that as “Oprah donates Clooney’s Balls”

(For the record, Oprah donated $12 million to a museum, and Clooney did something to his own balls.)

PITNBr Emily and I are getting married and it’s kind of a big deal. So for those of you who think Kanye West hasn’t brought love and happiness to people everywhere (especially with his Throwback songs), think again:

Shannon – I don’t know where to start with the awesomeness here
1) thanks for the Mos Def shout out. I squealed when I saw my future husband on here
2) Hey Mama – gives me goosebumps every time I listen and I’ve never seen those vids before. Stop. I need to pull myself together over here.
3) I really love that you included lyrics here. I think people are so turned off by his persona that they don’t realize he writes really profound lyrics. His lyricism is unparalleled.
4) I’m listening to NPR right now and they’re talking about Kanye. They actually said, “Come on, he’s so good he’s actually got us talking about him on here.” They called him the Andy Warhol of music – mixing high art and high culture in the pop atmosphere. They pointed out he can talk about private prisons and gold diggers. My favorite line – “He’s a Pentecostal preacher with a sampler.”
5) if Mos Def won’t marry me, I’m asking you next.

LMAO… I am still cracking up over the ‘Pentecostal preacher with a sampler’ bit. Sigh. NPR.

PITNBr Linnea shared a very personal comment on the Yeezy Throwback post. I thought I was the only one still waiting for his sex tape to drop, but apparently I’m not alone in my occasionally naughty thoughts of Yeezy:

How can i say this in a not disturbing superficial overhyped pervert way..?
Let’s give it a try:

Kanye is a legendary god. If he, at any point comes to Norway, i would effing freak out! I would probably be that bastard that gets thrown out because of.. Well, let’s just let the fantasy put its word here.. But ya feelin’ me?

PITNBr Krissy did some sleuthing on the Alexander Skarsgård/Ellen Page post and I want to commend her for noticing the little things in red carpet photos:

Since they aren’t confirming, I am not going to do any celebrating yet. I think they both come across as kind and thoughful people, so if they are together, yay. If not, that is cool too.

As a woman, I just have to point out the under-boob-finger-rub he is giving her on the red carpet. But some guys who aren’t my boyfriend have tried that on me before, so it isn’t conclusive evidence. But it does look like an attempt to cop a feel.

PITNBr Evelyn also commented on the Alexander/Ellen possible link-up:

Ellen Page is the new Eva Mendes! I’m so jealous!

PITNBr Susan took a different approach to Alex and Ellen (yes, this was a very popular story… lol), and used the opportunity to deliver a PSA of sorts:

Attention short ladies: Stop taking all of the tall men! It leaves nobody for us tall ladies! As a 6 ft tall girl who has always ended up dating someone my height or shorter, I am automatically irritated when a teeny tiny girl ends up with a super tall dude.

But they are super cute together and I kinda hope this is for real.


Thanks y’all for another awesome week. I’m about to go whip up the biggest Father’s Day breakfast dinner ever! Nobody call me!

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  • Emily

    Shannon, I am so friggin excited for our wedding. We’ll have the Pentecostal preacher with a sampler DJ the event and Hova will escort you down the aisle. All the PITNBrs will be in attendance and Trent will officiate. My vows will be, “Shannon, I promise to always twerk like Miley, dress like Taylor Swift and never go Amanda Bynes crazy.”