Here Are 5 Movie Dads Who Totally Changed My Life This Past Year


It’s Father’s Day y’all! Last year we celebrated with a look at back at some of the best movie dads of all time, and this year we’re gonna celebrate some of the new guys. Look– we all have our Daddy issues, and sometimes the best place to work those issues out is at the cinema (just ask Martin Scorsese). In the past year many-a-flick has come out showcasing strong fathers and father figures– and highlighting all of the drama that comes with them, so I’ve picked just a few of the characters that left a major impression on me. Be they good guys or bad guys, movie Dads are usually pretty interesting fellas… kinda like the real-live Dads we all know and lurve. Celebrate Father’s Day 2013 with a look back at some of my personal favorite movie Dads of the past year!

5 Movie Dads Who Totally Changed My Life This Past Year


1. Robert De Niro as Pat Sr. in Silver Linings Playbook


During the trailer, I may or may not have cried over some of De Niro’s lines in this one (It’s a sin if you don’t reach back). The trailer! LOL… and I was just as emotional during the movie! Pat Sr. played father to Bradley Cooper’s character and he was brilliant. Somehow he managed to be both supportive of his son (who suffered from a mental breakdown) even as he was still that typical, no-time-for-the-BS, De Niro. For those of you who’ve seen the movie, please believe that I got teary-eyed every time De Niro’s character would beg Pat Jr. to stay for the Eagles game… LMAO! It was epic! And I thought the storyline was so well-written as to imply that some of Pat Jr.‘s mental health issues might even be traced back to certain neuroses in his Dad, which De Niro also captured perfectly. I fully expected to watch the movie and fall in love with Jennifer Lawrence’s character (J-Law got the Oscar for her role), and while I did like Tiffany, it was Pat Sr. who totally stole my heart.

2. Dwight Henry as Wink in Beasts of the Southern Wild


I was one of many people–critics and movie-goers alike– who was struck by the epic indie father/daughter tale Beasts Of The Southern Wild. Dwight Henry had never acted professionally a day in his life, but his gritty performance of an ailing, single father in the mythical town of The Bathtub really drove the film. Beasts was one of my favorite indie films of last year, and Wink will always stand out to me as one of those movie Dads who’s actually difficult to watch. His tough (like, really tough) love attitude towards little Hush Puppy (played by Oscar-nominee Quvenzhan√© Wallis) was so intense, it was sometimes brutal. But such a display of fatherly love was totally necessary, as it helped to reflect the danger, wonder, and adventure waiting of life The Bathtub.

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  • Carl

    He’s not a movie dad, but you left out an important media father…Papa Pope!!! Come on, he totally changed the parenting game and made me question more than a few things about my own life! lmao

    I do have to say though, I feel like such a slacker because I’ve seen none of these movies (I do want to see Silver Linings Playbook though) so I need to get on it!

    • Shannon

      Carl, you know I thought of making this list a movie/TV Dads thing, but I saw it getting out of control, lol. Papa Pope is a game-changer. Maybe after next season when we know a little more about him we can give him a shouts-out..

      Silver Linings is great– a few of the others are indie movies so you might have missed them. I think you’d also really like 2 Days In New York.

  • rOXy

    I, too, loved Kevin Costner in Man of Steel. I also loved Russell Crowe’s Jor-El, you know, despite the fact that he used his tiny baby to carry out his agenda for the betterment of his entire race.

    • Shannon

      rOXy, not gonna lie… I found Russell Crowe way too hot to take him seriously as someone’s Dad… LMAO. It was distracting. And weird for me, because I didn’t know I felt that way about him.


    • rOXy

      You are TOO funny! Yes, yes, I AGREE! Russell definitely deflects the past negative press with this role. I didn’t care that he once threw a phone at someone and wouldn’t have minded if it had been me.

  • James

    Shannon, I also enjoyed the list. I haven’t seen every film on it, but from those that I have, the fathers listed were very inspirational. I especially enjoyed Robert De Niro’s role in “Silver Linings Playbook.” As the audience, you saw his struggle to do his best, despite both his son’s situation and his own flaws, such as when he called his son a failure, which wasn’t his best moment. I do think you should have included Ryan Gosling’s role in “The Place Beyond the Pines,” though, I mean, he resorts to a life of crime to support a family he didn’t know he had, which is pretty powerful.

    • Shannon

      James, you saw page three, right? I am DISTRAUGHT over the fact that I haven’t seen ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ yet!

  • James

    So yeah, I think you’ll like the movie when you see it. It also has some cool William Faulkner-esque generational family themes that I found very interesting.

    • Shannon

      James, ‘William Faulkner-esque generational family themes’?!?! Aghhhh. I am so full of anticipation right now! I’ll be seeing it ASAP.

    • James

      I found it hard to watch the film and see how the decisions made by the two fathers impacted their sons in the next generation and not recall Barn Burning, The Sound and the Fury, etc. But I’m also a lit major, so the strug.

  • rayoflightCOADF

    This is why ilu Shannon! I thought I was the only one who thought Bobby D stole the show in Silver Linings Playbook. The scene with him and Bradley Cooper on the bed had me in tears. I was bawling like a little girl with a skinned knee. How Bradley C didn’t burst out crying is beyond me. Loved J Law but like you said Bobby D stole that movie and my heart.
    Also…Mr Delpy oh sweet lord. Best DAD EVER! :D He had me crying too but from laughing.