Watch: Kanye West Promotes ‘Yeezus’ With An ‘American Psycho’ Promo Video


Earlier today we learned that Kanye West’s baby was born into the world in the wee hours this morning but we cannot forget that Kanye has been hard at work promoting the release of his other baby … his new album Yeezus. Altho Yeezus leaked to the Internets 5 days early, that doesn’t mean that the promo push for the album is ending early. Last night, Kanye debuted a new projected video that features Scott Disick and Joanthan Cheban starring in a parody version of the film American Psycho. You can’t really hear the dialog in the video embedded above but it looks like a pretty faithful recreation of the film. Yeezus promo is still in FULL EFFECT … chances are, we may get to see other neat promo stuff in the next few days.

  • nicole

    so is this what i should expect to see tomorrow night?