Kanye West’s Baby Is Born Into The World


Congratulations are in order for Kanye West and the mother of his child because it is being reported that the couple’s much-anticipated and much-ballyhooed first baby was born earlier today. According to TMZ, the couple welcomed the birth of a baby GIRL (news we learned back in February but was confirmed earlier this month) who, according to X17, is “healthy but in an incubator“. As you may recall, it was reported earlier in the year that the baby’s due date would be in July … but clearly, Kanye’s baby girl didn’t want to wait that long to make her debut. Click below for all the REPORTED deets of today’s birth. The daughter of Yeezus is among us, y’all.

Kim Kardashian has given birth to a baby girl … TMZ has learned. Sources close to KK tell TMZ the baby and Kim are both in good health. Kim and the baby are still at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where Kim gave birth this morning. We’re told the delivery comes one month earlier than expected. It is the first child for Kim and BF Kanye West.

X17 appears to have more details about the baby girl’s birth:

Kim Kardashian is resting comfortably at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after giving birth to a baby girl at 1:30am Saturday morning, a source tells X17online.com exclusively. Kim had to go in a bit earlier than planned for her scheduled C-section because of an “infection,” according to our source. It could be the appendicitis diagnosis Kim’s doctor gave her recently. In the last episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim was told pregnant women usually don’t undergo surgery for the condition, but perhaps this is what prompted the early birth. No need to worry, though — we’re told mother and baby and resting and Kim and the baby are healthy. Given the baby’s early birth date, however, the littlest Kardashian is in an incubator, our source tells us. Meanwhile, Kanye West was in Switzerland on Tuesday for a promotional appearance at Art Basel for his upcoming Yeezus album. No word on weather daddy made it back to LA in time for the birth of his first child …

Altho I’m not a fan (at all) of Kanye’s babymama, I am happy that she was able to deliver a healthy baby. It’s unknown how much of this medical information is true but it sounds like things were a bit hairy earlier this morning when the baby was born. My guess is that Kanye was able to be by his babymama’s side at the time of the birth despite the fact that he was in Europe earlier this week … but I guess we really don’t know if he was there or not for sure. My guess is that Kanye’s baby heard about the leak of Yeezus yesterday and she decided to just come out of the womb so she can listen to the album just like everyone else … I don’t blame her, it’s a dope album. It makes sense that if Kanye’s album would leak early, so would his baby. Let’s send our love and congrats to Kanye, his babymama and their newborn baby girl!

Any guesses on the baby girl’s name?

UPDATE: TMZ has just published new details that refute the X17 report:

Source close to KK tell TMZ … it was a NATURAL CHILD BIRTH. She started having contractions Friday night and went into full labor early Saturday AM. Our sources tell us the baby and Kim are both in good health. We’re told Kim delivered the baby at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this morning … 5 weeks early. Our sources say BF Kanye West was there for the entire thing — in the delivery room by Kim’s side. We’re told Kanye cancelled his appearance at his own record release party last night when Kim told him she was feeling “a little off.”

I had a feeling Kanye was there for the birth … I bet he cannot WAIT to brag about how his daughter is the most beautiful little girl in the world.

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  • Carl

    Maybe they’ll actually name their baby “Kimye”….

    Sidenote, X17 spelled “whether” like “weather” and that was the thing that really stuck with me about that article. I do have to say though, I just saw yesterday on the cover of Us Weekly (I think?) That Kanye’s Baby Mama was due the same day as Kate’s baby. I tend to take Us Weekly more seriously than, say, Star, so I figured it’s probably true and I even said to my friend that I could see Kim doing something to have her baby early just to “beat Kate”. I wonder if she saw that cover story, too? ;)

  • Shannon

    Just in time for Father’s Day! Welcome Baby Girl Yeezus!

  • Iris B

    People love his album, and the baby born right before Father’s Day? Kanye is winning this year.

  • rOXy

    New Baby, New Album, Dad’s Day…yeah, it’s good to be Kanye! Congrats.

  • nicole

    Kanye is having on hell of a week (album leak aside). dude has to be loving life right now. i mean amazing album. baby just before fathers day?
    congrats to the family.

  • Lauren xx

    LOL love the photo. I can’t wait for the baby Kimye/Blue Ivy playdates. Most epic playdates ever.

    • Emily

      @lauren xx – you may be waiting a long time for those. Queen B does not like Kanye’s gf, so I can’t imagine she’d want Blue around either. Now maybe if it was just Hova, Ye & the babies. That would make my ovaries explode. I think Shannon would join me there.

  • blaqfury

    I bet E! is pissed TMZ got the scoop before they did!

    Congrats to ‘Ye, This is definitely his week. I wonder if the baby will have his “slave” of West or his god name of ‘Yeezus”

  • shannon from MN

    Don’t really like Kanye’s girlfriend, but I do wish her and the li’l lady well. Hopefully she’ll make me eat crow and be the mother that this child needs.

  • DJ

    God help us all!!!

  • Amanda

    Why is this post “Kanye’s baby mama gives birth” … and no mention of Kim until the quotes from TMZ?

    • Emily

      @Amanda – b/c Kanye’s gf is she who shall not be named. We don’t talk about her here (if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all …) I will say it’s great his baby mama is healthy. That’s all I’ve got.

    • rOXy

      oooohhhfff….Emily…I guess I didn’t know the rules about not saying anything unless it’s nice. I’ll have to remember that one, but agree to the status of “she who will not be named” when it comes to Kanye’s babymama. Actually, though, it is quite odd for me to realize that, in my mind, this baby was always Kanye’s and she was just a side note. That’s how serious my mental block is when it comes to her.

  • blaqfury

    i give a side eye to TMZ’s update… and emphasis on the Natural Child Birth… when it comes to the Kardashians, TMZ is an extension of their PR team…

    • Emily

      @blaqfury – I second your side eye. I’m side eyeing the ish out of this report.

  • Jessica

    Please extend this “no mention on the blog” to the 16 & pregnant girls too.