Disturbing Photos From Michael Jackson’s Death Scene Hit The Internets


This month back in 2009, police investigators photographed the bedroom where Michael Jackson died so that they could have a record of the surroundings of his death and so that evidence could be collected. A civil suit has been brought against AEG Entertainment by the Jackson family and that case is currently being considered in court right now. As a result, all 155 photos that were taken of MJ’s death scene have been made available to the public. The photos don’t really show anything harmful but they do paint a very disturbing picture of Jackson’s last days of life. As you can see in the gallery of photos presented here, MJ’s room was a disheveled and dirty mess that was rife with toys, masks and drug bottles strewn all over the place. The drug bottles are upsetting, if not at all surprising, to see but the photo of the doll MJ liked to sleep with and the masks the liked to wear in public are just disturbing beyond belief. I think it’s pretty common knowledge among most people that Michael Jackson was a very disturbed and troubled person. I also think these photos show that MJ died in squalor and filth. MJ was once one of the most famous people on the planet. To see the way he died in these photos, it really goes to show that money, fame and fortune has no true impact on quality of life.


  • Ashley

    Yikes. Like you say, knowing he was clearly messed up is one thing but getting the glimpse inside his final days are very disturbing. The masks..ugh. I didn’t want to go through the all the photos at first but once I started I had to look at them all.

    I feel for the kids with the release of these photos. It must be very hard knowing the whole world can see this side of him now.

  • rOXy

    Beyond the dolls, clutter and general filth, what disturbs me is the amount of medical supplies and drugs. It was set up like a hospital. He was doing the final planning and rehearsing for a huge show, but yet you would think he was receiving hospice care by the looks of it and the amount and type of drugs found at the scene. No one could expect to live through that. Immediately following his death, everyone in the show was in surprised shock because supposedly they thought he was so focused and functional. Anyone who saw what was going on behind the scenes had to know things weren’t going to turn out well. Poor kids.