Oh Shizz/First Listen: Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Album Has Leaked Early! In Its Entirety!


Aghhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Okay I’m gonna go ahead and take FULL credit for this moment right here. Yesterday I spent 6-7 hours kinda, sorta neglecting my children as I collected my 25 favorite Kanye West songs and shared them with y’all, via one of our most epic Throwback Thursday. And as I toiled over each video embed I thought, OMG Shannon why are you doing this to me?! I’m exhausted! But deep down I think I was hoping the universe or the gods of leaked albums would hear my cries. And they have. Kanye’s new album Yeezus is streaming for free, in its glorious entirety HERE on my favorite music website soundisstyle. Seriously. Go HERE now, then click inside to share your thoughts! Do you love it?! Are you freaking out?!

Yesterday we also got a hold of the tracklist for Yeezus and I openly admitted that– based on what I was hearing– I expected to like the album, but I didn’t expect to love it. Well, maybe I’m just excited, maybe I’m still reeling from all of his Throwback jams we shared yesterday, but… I am effing loving the eff out of this album! Now that I’m hearing all the songs collectively, it just makes so much sense to me. And it sounds friggen dope.

We learned yesterday that Daft Punk, Frank Ocean, Chief Keef, and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon were all featured artists. Oh, and God. Well KiD Cudi is also on the album and um… yeah I’m busy listening so it’s hard to type. Also just found out Rick Rubin executive produced the album; he spoke with the Wall Street Journal about his role on the project, and I’m reading some of that now.

I’m just overwhelmed with Yeezus everything right now. I seriously was not expecting this leak and I really hope it doesn’t get taken down by the time y’all read this! Aghhh! Even so, I can safely say that the album is absolutely worth copping on June 18. I mean, I already knew that it would be, but damn. I’m really digging it!

OMGEEEEeeee there’s a reggae track! Aghhh! I love it! And a song that begins with the lyrics from Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit! Aghhh! I can’t!


  • nicole

    LOOOOOOOOOVE! such a great album from start to finish. cant get enough of it! i honestly didnt think he could top he last album but homie did it. cant wait to buy it. im really surprised the leak happened. i thought for sure he had it on lock. but only a few days before the release so he held the leak off a lot longer then some other artist. but for now..me and this leak will be spending the weekend together.

    • Shannon

      nicole, I’m not gonna lie. I feel a little bad for ‘Ye! He really tried hard to keep this under wraps. He was brilliant with the publicity surrounding this, and the anticipation. But alas, this is the world we live in. Honestly? The leak only makes me that much more excited to cop the real deal on the 18th. I cannot believe how much I love it!

  • Iris B

    *Sits down and cries*

    • Shannon

      Iris B, seriously. I WEEP for you right now… lmao! I want you to hear this sooo bad! But we can’t all be college dropouts (wink), so finish up and get home soon! I wanna hear your thoughts :)

  • rOXy

    Ok, ok, okaaaaayyyy…..I’ve been fairly direct in my dislike of Kanye, the personality. In fact, my dislike influenced my opinion of his music, if it ever allowed me to even listen to it. That said, since you were so adamant with your effusive praise of the man’s music, I plunged into the leaked stream and sampled the tracks. I can’t say I am a convert, yet, but I can definitely hear it is probably worthy of the heaps of bestowed accolades. It seems pretty impossible to create a new wave in music regardless of genre, but these tracks do just that. His image took a well deserved bashing after his antics, and this album will likely restore his self-imposed crown to the top of his head. He was wearing it a little lower than that until now.

    • Shannon

      rOXy, I am so glad you and a few other non-fans/new listeners are commenting and listening (if only at my insistence, lol). I’m a big fan of the phrase ‘There is nothing new under the sun’ because, really, everything is a product of everything else and there is nothing new! But. ‘Yeezus’ has a feeling of ‘newness’ that you point to and I remember feeling that way about him early on– that he was saying and doing things I SORT OF hadn’t heard before. You can hear the influence of sooo many different genres on ‘Yeezus’ and I love that. Anyway, I’m glad you’re at least interested :)

    • rOXy

      :) I think that “new” feeling of this album is all about the unique mixture of genre infusion. It’s really a genius stroke. It’s like going to a tasting party to sample original dishes cooked up by a chef that mixed a little bit of Indian, with a dash of Thai, a sprinkle of Mexican, to a base of Greek. Then the next course is German mixed with traditional Japanese fare. The originality of the secret sauce is in the ratios of each element, how they are prepped, blended and “cooked”. Put that on top of Kanye’s overall theme/message/tone and you end up with something noteworthy that will give his listeners a ride to the end of summer and beyond. So, yeah, the hater blindfold is off, but I won’t be putting money in his pocket until I’m convinced he isn’t going to jump on on any stage and wave his weenie around.

  • manuel nava

    Ok. So I was a Kanye hater. WAS! This done made me drink the hatorade and shut the eff up! I legit cant get enough. Praise Yeezus Ive been converted!

  • Erica Croce

    Now, I love me some Yeezy. But after the SNL performance I wasn’t on board. This was better but, for me, not on par with his other work. It got better as the album went on but the first few weren’t really my taste. The third track made me chuckle with some of his crazy outlandish statements.

    Oh well…I’m still going to check out your throwback list because I’m guaranteed to pretty much love all of that. I guess for Yeezus, I was looking for something as amazing as “See Me Now” with Beyonce or something like that. I mean, good on him for trying something different, but it didn’t have the impact and will not have the same kind of rotation on my iPod that his other albums have had.

    • Shannon

      Erica Croce, I had so many reservations about the album. Like I said, I thought I would like it, and I thought I would appreciate the ‘idea’ behind it but in the end I really fell in love with it. The songs at the end (especially ‘Bound’) are reminiscent of Throwback Yeezy, which I appreciate. But I can also see how the whole collection wouldn’t work for some people.

      Here’s hoping you enjoy the Throwback list!

  • Iris B

    Oh my God. Oh.MY.GOD

    God really loves me, because at exactly 3pm my professor left. AN HOUR TO EXACTLY LISTEN TO THIS. OR WAS IT YOU YEEZUS?!

    The first four songs of the album (On Sight, Black Skinhead, I am a God, New Slave) Kanye really made it that you didn’t know what to expect with the music. Like I would bop my head, than pop my eyes out because he would change the schematics so fast and so differently. Punk Rock Electronic Hip Hop. What the hell. You felt possessed and that he was here to FUCK SHIT UP as always.

    Second part, it was all about story telling starting from “Hold My Liquor”, “I’m In It”, “Blood on the Leaves” and I love how Kid Cudi is on “Guilt Trip”. I’m all reading into it, but it makes me feel that he made sure to put him on this song as feeling guilty for letting him leave G.O.O.D. music, even though it was on good terms.

    Bound, rounded everything back together nicely. Kanye was always like this, but he made sure the last song went back to his roots. Oh btw, “ONE GOOD GIRL IS WORTH A THOUSAND BITCHES!”

    (gets off soap box and drops the mic like Kanye.)

    • nicole


  • LaurenL

    I’m listening now, my ears are open… Thanks Shannon, you’re a rock star! I was also really put off by his SNL Performance, I found it very ego-driven and stage persona driven, but I’m intrigued! So my ears are open and I’m listening and I’m excited!

  • leroy brown


  • Em

    The uniqueness of Yeezy is that none of his catalog is really the same. However I associate his first three as one side of Kanye, 808s another then Dark Fantasy to Cruel Summer another side. Then THIS. THIS Kanye. Simplicity – who’d have thought he could go to simplicity after growing into what he created with Dark Fantasy?!

    Graduation will always be a favourite – but Dark Fantasy was so special. So different and such a changer (even if he did use that format for Watch the Throne & Cruel Summer). But this – this is something else. How can one artist have 3 pinnacle albums, all so different from one another!?

    The real question is – where can he go from here? From Graduation, to Dark Fantasy to Yeezus. I know it’s technically not released yet, but seriously, where does he even go from here after THIS!? Sound wise – he has taken 10 steps back from Dark Fantasy, yet it sounds more powerful. I had high expectations, but not that high after DF, but this has definitely lived up to it, if not more now.