Paris Hilton Promotes ‘The Bling Ring’ In The New Issue Of ‘Elle’ Magazine


Paris Hilton, or her extravagant home rather, is featured in the new Sofia Coppola film The Bling Ring this summer and to promote the film’s release, both Paris and Sofia are featured in the new issue of Elle magazine. The Bling Ring tells the true story of a group of kids who decided to go on a robbery spree of famous people’s homes here in LA. Because Hilton’s home was one of the places that got robbed in real life, Coppola thought it would be perfect to film portions of the movie in her home. Sofia also photographed Paris for this Elle magazine feature that promotes the film that was directed by Coppola and features Hilton. Got it? Click below to see some of the photos and read some excerpts from Elle’s interview with both Sofia Coppola and Paris Hilton.

Sofia Coppola on the first time she visited Paris Hilton’s home:
“I saw the pillows adorned with [Paris’] face and I took my picture with them. She’s such a pop icon and has a sense of humor about herself. I think she was the first to really make herself into a brand. She’s so dedicated to her style.”

Hilton on what she hopes viewers learn from watching The Bling Ring:
“There’s much more to life than all of these possessions and everything. And if you want those things, you’re going to have to work yourself, just like I did.”

Hilton on what she would say to the thieves who broke into her home if she ever saw them face-to-face:
“I don’t know what I’d do if I saw them. I’m not a confrontational person. But I would literally be like, ‘You guys need serious help. And I want my stuff back.’”

Coppola on what she wants viewers to take from the film:
“If nothing else, when people see it, everyone wants a Paris pillow. We might have to make those.”

I am a HUGE fan of Sofia Coppola and I am REALLY looking forward to seeing The Bling Ring and I so totally get the desire to promote the film in this art-imitating-life-imitating-art sort of way. But I cannot take Paris Hilton seriously at all. That she has the gall to present herself as a person who worked for all of her extravagant possessions is so laughable, I cannot honestly believe that the interviewer didn’t laugh in her face. I’m not sure how the audience is meant to sympathize with a grown woman who has pillows with her face on them on display in her home but I’m assuming we’re meant to root for her as the victim? This whole real life story is so crazy, I cannot wait to see it play out on the big screen. Sofia Coppola has never done me wrong and based on everything I’ve seen thus far, I suspect I’ll enjoy The Bling Ring very much. As for Paris, well, I guess you gotta give her props for trying to stay relevant and stuff. On that front, she does work hard … I guess.

[Photo credit: Sofia Coppola, Elle magazine; Source]

  • Vicky

    I highly doubt that Paris Hilton knows the meaning of “working” hard. Partying hard, yes.

  • helen

    I really do believe she worked hard and paid for all of her possessions and everything. As Kelly Osbourne said once in fashion police, maybe she didn’t pay for them with money, but I bet she really did “work her ass off” for lots of it.

  • fab4runner

    I am excited to see this movie. I read the book by Nancy Jo Sales and I thought it was really interesting. These kids are nuts.

    I am not sure if Paris worked to pay for her home and the things that are in it, but I still do feel for her. Her home was burglarized and her personal belongings (some of them gifts with great meaning) were taken. That is such a violation, and I would find it hard to feel comfortable in my own home for who knows how long,

  • Emily

    “It’s just stuff, there’s more to life, but if I saw those guys I’d ask for my stuff back…” Ok …. Thank ye gods they left the Paris pillows for the rest of us to enjoy!

    I nearly choked on my lunch when she said she has worked hard for all her things. Yes, she has worked, she is a hustler like Kanye’s gf. And just like Kanye’s gf, she was given every opportunity in life to be given anything she wants. And just like Kanye’s gf, her career started with a sex tape.

    Yes, she does work hard – so does every other person on earth. Girl, sit down – you didn’t pull yourself out of a gutter here. Psh.