Miley Cyrus Is Now Wearing Gold Grillz In Her Mouth


Miley Cyrus was in attendance at a MySpace relaunch event at the El Rey Theater here in LA last night and she decided to bust out some gold bling for the occasion. Naturally, Miley wore lots of gold around her neck and on her fingers but she also decided to wear some gold in her mouth. Yes, folks, Miley has started wearing grillz. Considering her recent collaboration with Snoop Lion and her newfound love of twerking, it would appear that Miley’s move into the World of Grillz is the next natural progression.

If Amanda Bynes thought Miley was “ugly” before, I wonder what she thinks now. I, personally, think the grillz look silly … because I think grillz look silly on everyone. That said, I totally get that Miss Cyrus is in the prime of her life and she looks like she is having as much fun as possible. She’s young, rich and successful … she’s having a blast. I hate to admit it but except for the grillz, I kinda love the whole outfit that she wore last night. She really rocked those half pants/half jeans like a rock star and managed to take the whole Punk as Couture thing that the Met Gala tried to celebrate last month to a more successful level. While the safety pin in her ear might look a bit disingenuous, I really think the whole look is fresh and fun. Miley’s gonna do what Miley’s gonna do … but when compared to the way that other young pop stars are acting out these days, it’s clear to me that Miley Cyrus is doing it right.

[Photo credit: Wireimage, Splash News]

  • rOXy

    She has one of the prettiest smiles out there. Her teeth are as close to perfect as you can get. Why, Miley, Why?

  • nicole

    i hate grillz equally on everyone, so i hate them on her. but im not hating what shes been doing lately, but cause..i had my gangsta girl phase around the same age.

    • Serenity

      I never had a gangsta girl phase but I did have that phase of trying to find my “look” (also around the same age). I’m just lucky that I wasn’t famous, so nobody was getting pictures of it!

    • nicole

      exactly! im so glad theres no pictures of my little phase lol.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    She is the epitome of trying too hard.

    • Krissy

      I agree. It just comes across as insecure to me.

      And the sweatpants/jeans combo is pretty awful.


      What you fail to realize is that wearing grillz nowadays is considered a status symbol, and those in the know, are aware of this fact. The teeth grillz she is wearing here on the photo are probably worth more than what most people make in a month. If you don’t know, now you know.

  • sfmom

    Miley…why? You’re a relatively pretty girl and you have bagged a smokin hot dude who wants to MARRY YOU!!! You’re also talented, rich and have a family that seems to really love you. So. WHY!? The gawdawful clothes and the ridiculous hair cuts and omg, just everything you do is a world of NO these days.
    The more I see of her recent antics the more I think that she and Biebs might just deserve each other.

    • Vicky

      What Liam sees in here is BEYOND ME. She looks like a little boy.

  • HeatherLea1340

    I like her outfit much better from the front. She is sooo gorgeous, the hair is even starting to grow on me! But, I can’t get with the grillz.

  • Joan

    II. Know Miley is having fun and all, but she’s obviousy going through an identity crisis. Girl can choose if she wants to be gansta or rock n’ roll. One day she’s going for the classic Edward Scissorhands look, and then the other she’s going for her best impression of Rihanna. THIS? I don’t know. Mix-and-match?

    I know people argue that Miley and Liam are good for each other because their personalities balance each other out –and I guess I kind of see that– but sometimes it seems like the differences between them go beyond of what would be considered a sensible spectrum. I’m seriously confused by this couple. LOL!

  • Jan

    Why can´t she rock gold like Jessica Chastain two posts before?? why?? Why??

  • Leah

    How long will it take before Liam tires of her antics?

  • Ria

    Oh good god, this is just annoying now. Her decisions just strike me as a part of stupid rebellious phase. It’s funny for a little bit but now it’s just downright dumb. Somebody needs to draw out a line for her.

  • Bling Cartel

    Those are some really interesting teeth grillz. I have never seen this particular grillz style before but hey, rock those teeth girl..I aint mad at cha! I seriously don’t get the negative comments about wearing mouth jewelry though. Grillz wouldn’t be so popular if there wasn’t a market for them and if people didn’t think they were cool and fashionable. Do your thing and forget the haters.


    OMG I thought she was a lezza hanging on the backs of those girls on camera and tongueing that doll in the pool WTF !!
    Im not bothered about the twerking, people have been doing it for yearsCristina A, Beyonce etc but FFS put some godamm clothes on, NO Parents want to see their daughter no matter hold nye on naked on TV with a suit cut so far up the crotch its nearly showing her insides.
    COVER UP !!!