Amanda Bynes Adds Miley Cyrus To The List Of People She Thinks Is ‘Ugly’


Randomly and seemingly out of the blue, Amanda Bynes called Miley Cyrus “ugly” on Twitter last night. In recent weeks, Bynes has been hurling the “ugly” insults at various people … including her former crush Drake … but today, it would appear that Miley is the focus of Amanda’s ire and hatred. Miley caught wind of Amanda’s Twitter attack but has decided not to respond … online. In a new interview with The Kane Show on radio station Hot 99.5, she calls the whole matter “sad” and believes the attack was inspired by the fact that Miley was trending worldwide on Twitter last night. Um, ok. OH and after Amanda was finished calling Miley “ugly”, she started talking about the new music she wants to release. LOL. It’s madness, y’all, and it’s all available below.

@MileyCyrus ur ugly / This is my twitter. I say whatever I want. Thanks! / Ur ugly @mileycyrus

When asked about Amanda’s attack against her, this is what Miley had to say to Hot 99.5:

If Miley is smart, she’ll stay well away from getting into any sort of beef with Amanda Bynes … who, she claims, is still intent on releasing music someday:

Oh man, this is rich. I would KILL to see Amanda Bynes in concert. Please, someone, give her a stage to perform the songs from the album that she cannot wait to sing for us all.

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  • Alecia

    I’m sorry mentally ill or not there’s no excuse to continually belittle and insult people, especially ones who have no relationship with you.
    So I applaud everyone she’s called ugly for not hauling off and fussing her out because honestly it’s getting old and redundant now.

  • adam

    Frankly, I think Miley should have just said, “I hope she finds peace” — pumping herself up “I think it is funny the moment I was a worldwide trending topic on twitter…” is so NOT the classy way to handle it. “I hope she finds peace” — and just leave it at that.

  • aubrey

    Maybe Amanda is making “ugly” happen.. like “fetch” in Mean Girls?..
    If it ever catches on, I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts calling herself “ugly”.