Watch: Tamar Levine Releases A Short Film Titled ‘Twenty-Two Date Palm Way’


Back in April I shared some amazing photography by my friend Tamar Levine as was featured in that month’s issue of Bello magazine. I know that a lot of y’all loved her work so I have a special treat to share today. Tamar has released a short film she titled Twenty-Two Date Palm Way and has allowed me to present it for your viewing pleasure. Tamar’s still work exudes a quiet and haunting beauty and that feeling is presented in this short film as well. Click HERE to see the full list of credits for this film. Check out Twenty-Two Date Palm Way above and see what you think. If you dig her photography work, I think you’ll really love her film.

  • Diana

    Really beautiful work, Tamar.

  • Sam

    I never comment on here but I thought that was really moving and beautiful. Thanks Tamar for creating such a wonderful piece of art.