Watch: Nicki Minaj Talks Her ‘Shop Your Way’ Clothing Collection For KMart


Now that we know for sure that Nicki Minaj won’t be coming back to American Idol as a judge, I was under the impression that she would get back to work on new music. While that may eventually be the case, it turns out that Nicki has other projects in the works that she needs to tend to first. We know that Minaj has launched a marginally successful celebrity fragrance but we learn today that she is embarking on a career as a fashion designer as well. Nicki has teamed up with KMart to create a line of clothing called Shop Your Way and she talks a bit about this new clothing line in the video embedded above. Check out the clip and get your first taste of Nicki’s new clothing line for KMart. Do you see anything in the video that looks like something you’d want to wear?

  • Sam

    How easy it is to call yourself a designer these days…also, to answer your question Trent, NO.

    • Rose

      Major ditto to that NO, Sam! At this rate we’re probably all going to be watching “celebrity” project runway next season like brainless fashion-zombies. Can you imagine a final showdown between the Biebs and KeSha? It’s enough to make a girl seriously consider becoming a nudist.