Sources Now Claim That Alexander Skarsgård & Ellen Page Are ‘Just Friends’


SO, remember that photo and tweet we saw yesterday that led us to believe that actors and co-stars Alexander Skarsgård and Ellen Page were all romantical and stuff? Well, according to a source dishing to People magazine, it appears that they may not be a couple after all. Neither Alexander nor Ellen have commented on the romance rumors themselves but it sounds like other people are doing the talking for them. Click below to read what some sources have to say about the couple as a couple. It’s possible that they might just be friends after all.

Some appearances – sweet as they may be – can be deceiving. After a cozy photograph of Ellen Page and her The East costar Alexander Skarsgard made the rounds on social media over the weekend – Tweeted out by the film’s director, Zal Batmanglij, no less – speculation ramped up that the two were an item off-screen. But, a source tells PEOPLE, the costars are just friends. And it isn’t even clear how long ago the picture was taken. The actress, however, liked it enough to re-Tweet: the photo shows the two dressed in matching denim outfits with Skarsgard’s arm around Page, who seems to be lying in his lap. “Canadian tuxedo party,” she wrote, referencing their denim on denim ensembles. Perhaps it’s all in good fun – or simply part of the promotional plan for the indie thriller, which has played at various film festivals and is in limited release in the U.S. currently. Skarsgard and Page have indeed been spotted – seemingly on friendly terms – together at Los Angeles International Airport and on red carpets promoting their movie.

As I said yesterday, altho I think they make a cute couple … Alexander and Ellen never struck me as the kind of couple that would, er, couple up. It should be pointed out that we are all now talking about the two of them … and their upcoming movie … which might be the intention of all of the romance rumors. That said, if it turns out that the couple are actually a couple then I would be very happy for the both of them. If it turns out they are just friends, well, then my initial gut feeling would be proven right. In light of this new “information”, do you think these two are actually together together or just merely friends?


  • Alecia

    If they are more than friends, good for them, if not good for them. Both of them strike me as the type to keep their private lives private and I say good for them. Leave the unnecessary flaunting and pap-calling to the Kardashians and Housewives.

    • Joan

      Yes to all of that. I hate “sources” in general, though. Partly because I’m convinced that –unless the story is completely ridiculous that there’s no doubt that it’s fake– the sources are their very own camps giving anonymous info to the press…which I think it’s very lame. I TRUST NO ONE. LOL!

  • jessica

    Great photo but frankly it just sounds like they’re doing their jobs and promoting their new movie.

  • Hannah

    This sounds like their PR teams have earned their pay this week.

  • Ben@PR

    A good PR stunt that worked really well for the naive whom believed these two were a real couple.