Roberto Cavalli Shares A Stunning Sketch Of Beyoncé And Her ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ World Tour


Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli whipped up a few costumes for Beyoncé‘s current Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and has shared one of the design sketches he drew for one of her showstopping outfits. Cavalli posted the photo to his official Facebook profile alongside an actual photo of Bey wearing the finished dress. Of course, Beyoncé looks stunning in the actual dress … but it’s the impressive sketch that Cavalli drew of Beyoncé that really caught my attention. Click below to see the sketch fantasy and the dress reality as worn by Mrs. Carter herself.

The stunning Beyoncé Knowles wore a muslin silk multicolored Roberto Cavalli dress with gold barocco embroideries, created exclusively for her ‘The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’!

The sketch and the dress are stunning, no question. I am so impressed with Cavalli’s ability to draw such a lifelike (if somewhat exaggerated) version of Beyoncé. I am really looking forward to seeing Beyoncé wearing this stunning costume when she brings her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour to LA in a couple of weeks. While the fantasy version of Bey is quite striking, nothing beats the living, breathing real thing.

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  • nicole

    maybe its just the picture…but it seems like the reality fell a little flat..

    • ClaireMichelle

      No, I agree. I looove the dress in the drawing. The one on Beyonce looks a little cheap? I dunno. The material doesn’t look as light and luxurious as it does in the drawing. Plus, I prefer the coloring of the drawing dress. The purple isn’t working for me. And I loooove purple.

  • Krissy

    I don’t know if that is a sketch, it looks more like a computer rendering to me, using the cover of Dangerously In Love for the face and arms. The legs are frighteningly skinny.

    I love the way the fabric billows in the rendering, but I think the woman in the dress looks far more beautiful in the real thing.

    • ClaireMichelle

      She does look a million times better in real life. True.

  • Lori

    i want beyonces real body. now. woweeee!

  • XadaX

    She looks like Rihanna in the picture tbqh