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I made it back home from Detroit last night safe and sound and in one piece … actually, I returned home from my visit as a more whole piece than when I left last week. As I’ve mentioned in the past few weeks, I’ve been having a hard time emotionally (again) but I can honestly say that I have been feeling 100% better in the past few days. My quick trip home had a lot to do with my happier demeanor but the great counsel I got from my friend Josh Z. before I left was amazingly helpful as well. I managed to enjoy myself fully while I was home with my friends and I am now back in LA with a much happier and, I think, healthier attitude.

I had a really nice time just hanging out with Sarah and Mark at their home. This weekend wasn’t about a vacation, it was about rejuvenating my soul with the quality time spent with my closest friends. I hope I was able to doll out some love to them because they heaped it upon me. I honestly don’t know what the future will hold but I’m much more hopeful and positive than I have been in a very long time. I’ve decided to let the universe know that I am finally ready to move on … and move forward. Hopefully, the best is yet to come.

Now that I’m back home, I’m back to my crazy schedule. I have my third and final Björk concert tonight at the legendary Hollywood Bowl, then I have a dinner date with some old friends tomorrow … plus I have more training to do before I fly off to SF this weekend to run the San Francisco Marathon on Sunday … and those are just my plans for this week. I’ll be bizzy but happily bizzy. I hope things are happy and well for all y’all, wherever in the world you may be. Keep all that positive energy flowing, y’all, cuz I feel it … and I love you all for it.

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  • Krissy

    “I’ve decided to let the universe know that I am finally ready to move on … and move forward. Hopefully, the best is yet to come. ”

    :: Does littlle happy dance for Trent ::

  • LEO

    Your friends have been so amazing to you. I almost love them as much as you do-thank them, from all your ‘Pink’ friends, for helping you head out on your next chapter. Look out Universe, he’s coming at ya!

  • Nick T

    Trent, you might not know it now, but the best is yet to come. I’ve been where you are before, and I will tell you I know what you’ve been feeling and know better things will be on the horizon. It’s a good feeling when you realize things happen for a reason. Stay positive and move forward to your fab future.

    cheers to you!

    • @Nick T — Thank you :D

    • Ava

      Same here. I went through a divorce from a 7 year relationship, into another relationship, and then a breakup, choosing then to be single for 2 1/2 years. It took me a lot of time and pain to heal. I finally felt at peace, and met the most amazing man online. We’ve been together 4 years now and are getting married. When I look back on how heartbroken and sad I was, I kind of want to laugh, because that was SO SILLY. Not that what I felt was silly or what you feel now is…… it’s just that this relationship now is so insanely different and better than any other, that it’s funny I was so sad back then. You know what I mean? You WILL find someone amazing in about 1-2 years. ;-) You are too awesome not to. Just keep focusing on having fun and one day you will feel at peace. ps – thanks for firing whats-her-face writer. I’m glad you finally listened to all the thousands of us. ;-) hahaha. I love Shannon.

    • @Ava — Thank you and I’m very happy to know that you made it thru your situation and are insanely happy now :D And I agree about Shannon, she is the best !

  • manuel nava

    I love the name of this post! Im moving back to L.A. at the end of the month! Where all my family is and I know where all the love is! Too many years away from family is bad for the soul. At least mine. And you never know. I might find another type of love in L.A.

  • Jan

    You are one of the luckiest people I have ever known. You have great friends, and that is something you have to cling to. It is known that good friends stick at hard times. Now you know who your real friends are… and I can say that it is a lot more than regular people can aspire to…. And also happy for the moving foward part!

    • @Jan — Thank you, I agree that I am very lucky. I do my best to be thankful for all the wonderful people and things about my life. Focusing on all the good parts of my life has helped me deal with the bad stuff.

  • Trisha

    Yay – good to have our ole’ positive Trenty-poo back!! Remember… Epic!! ;-)

    • @Trish — XOXOXOXOX

  • Rosa

    I promise you not only will things get better, your happiness will be much more than you ever imagined it could be.
    Sending all (and only) positive love and vibes to you!

    • Ava

      Rosa is right! Just wait!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  • Hampton

    Do you remember the song from La Cage aux Folles “The Best of Times are Now” utube it and while you are there if you want to be tip-tappy happy listen to Jonathan Groff do “Anything Goes” from the Miscast show.
    also would like your opinion of The Wanted.

  • Renee

    woohoo!! When I let the universe know I was ready to move on it brought me a hot soldier who I now cannot imagine living without. May the universe be as kind to you!!

    • @Renee — Here’s hoping :D I’d take a G.I. Joe :D

  • nicole

    so glad to hear you’re finally ready to move on. you deserve it. you’re such an amazing person. its great that you have so many great people around you for support. sending love and happiness your way! xoxo

  • Jennifer Wilson

    it means a lot to us, your fans!, that you are feeling good. you deserve all the happiness your heart can hold. im sending you lots of positive energy from portland!

  • dancingdanie

    You are awesome, Trent! Glad to hear your trip home was just what you needed :)

  • Dezden
  • MJ

    Oooh, Trent! I’m so, so glad to read this! Here’ s wishing you a good, caring, handsome, thoughtful man… Aright, guys, the line starts here! Go! ;)

  • rOXy

    I have to say the last picture of the three of you is my all time favorite picture of you and your friends. You have so many great shots with all your homies, it really has to be something special to claim the top spot.

    I’ve been telling you I relate to your crushing heartache because I’ve been there. So, too, I’ve experienced the absolute, joyous, freedom when I decided to unfetter myself from the pain that was weighing me down. It was like what happens after a balloon is held down under water. Once released, it shot straight up towards sun. Those days became the best in my memories. It was a sweet surprise because I was accustomed to believing the best days were over. Be wary with your heart. It can be like a child without parents at a carnival.

  • Korie

    I’m not one to comment on your site, I love being a silent reader, I have been a follower of your site for close to 6 years I’ve always loved how I felt like I was involved in your life as well as the gossip and fun loving attitude you bring to your blog. What has happened to you in your personal life trent has made all your follows hurt with you and root for you to find your happiness threw your darkest days and I know many times it feels like they are so out of reach, I went from a 8 year relationship (pre teen, teen, young adult) which resulted in an engagement and a child which ended before our child was born I was heartbroken and didn’t know how I would move on this man was all I ever knew of life, I met and fell in love again and was lucky enough to have this man step into a father role for my son, we bought a house planned our future and than in a matter of months everything fell apart, I was a dark black hole I couldn’t understand how I was supposed to move on how I was supposed to forget the memories how I had lost a second father for my son I felt like a failure at love and life and felt even my friendships crumbling as I just didn’t know how to be what felt like a person anymore, than one of my closest friends for over 10 years stepped up he spend hours and days and pretty much ever free moment of time reminding me just how amazing life was and could be after 6 months of this I found I could breath easier I could smile more and than that friend confessed he had been in love with me for as long as he had known me we are now happier than ever and expecting a baby this winter I found a true and amazing soulmate, with my two past relationships I honestly thought I knew what love was and what my life would be… I ended up being lucky enough to truly find someone that was the most perfect fit for me and I never even realized how many things were lacking in my past relationships because I was more focused on the hurt and disappointment of it not working. Trent you have been an inspiration to so many of your readers keep your head held high and know that your perfect man/relationship/ and all around partner for life is coming he just needs you to go threw the rough for you to truly appreciate everything he will have to offer to your life

    • @Korie — Wow, I am speechless. Thank you first, for sharing your story. Second, thank you for your very kind words of support. It humbles me greatly to think about all of the friends I have in you readers … it’s really something that will forever be a very special part of my life. It makes me so happy to hear from you guys, whether in a fun frivolous way or in a more serious, emotional way. I wish I could personally thank each of you for allowing me to be part of your lives because you are truly a very important part of mine :) Gah, Korie, you really got me with your comment. So much love and thanks to you xoxoxoxo