First Look: Justin Timberlake Releases The Cover Art For His New Single ‘Tunnel Vision’


Last week we learned that Justin Timberlake has been spending some time in the studio with Jay-Z, Nas and Timbaland presumably working on new music for his upcoming second album of the year The 20/20 Experience Part 2. But while we wait for that album to drop later this year, JT is coming at us with the newest single from The 20/20 Experience Part 1. Click below to see the cover art for his new single Tunnel Vision … but be warned, it might be considered NSFW by some folks. Check it out.

Tunnel Vision is one of JT’s more upbeat new songs and even tho Timbaland has tended to bug the Hell out of me in recent years, I generally like the song. It doesn’t strike me as a particularly sexy song so the single cover art is a bit of a surprise. I like the artwork tho … it’s clever, inventive and deffo sexy. But, I gotta know … how long did it take you to see the nekkid lady?


  • manuel nava

    Holy sh$t! I didnt see it until I read the last sentence of the post.

    • @manuel nava — :)

  • Angela T

    It only took me a minute to notice, I wonder what that says about me?

  • nicole

    the cover makes sense with some of the lyrics. i actually kind of like it..

  • Alecia

    I mean this song is a midtempo but it’s not one of my faves on the album. I think he should’ve went full Let the Groove Get In if he wanted uptempo or full Strawberry Bubblegum or Spaceship Coupe slow-jam wise.

    • BGLU Tia

      Let The Groove Get In stays in a battle with Pusher Love Girl as my favorite song. I constantly find myself sitting in my car listening to the last 2 minutes of LTGGI. Those last 2 minutes are so SICKENING!!

  • scorpio1027

    LMAO. I noticed the naked lady FIRST and JT’s face SECOND! And that’s coming from a gay man.

  • Sam

    I noticed her immediately, but what freaked me out is the fact that Justin Timberlake’s nose is supposed to be her boob….never thought I’d ever say that ever

  • ClaireMichelle

    His nose makes her right boob look saggy.

    Love the song!

  • cpo122

    Ummmm, his eyes make up her arm pits..I’m guessing he approved this cover art, so I’m gonna go ahead presume he’s gotta thing for hairy pits haha.

    • Jason

      AND a slightly hairy butt as well… :x

  • MJ

    Wait, JT’s in this pic? Totally missed that… ;)