Veruca Salt Reveal That They Are Making ‘New Songs’


OMG … so, back in March I learned that Veruca Salt, one of my ALL-TIME favorite bands, launched official Facebook and Twitter accounts and judging on the photos (both old and NEW) that they have been posting in the months since, it seemed pretty evident that the band had gotten back together to possibly reunite for a tour … or something. I had a feeling that the band was up to something and I’ve been hoping that they might be up for playing some of their amazing old music together. Today I am happy to report that according to the band itself, they’re not only rehearsing old material … they’re making NEW music as well! I KNOW that there are a LOT of Veruca Salt fans out there who are LOSING THEIR SHIZZ right along side me right now. AHHHH! The band posted some photos over the weekend that show the foursome — Louise Post, Nina Gordon, Steve Lack and Jim Shapiro — rehearsing and working on “new songs” which you MUST see below immediately! AHHHH!!!!

photo of the day: Practice Day 2 Food Mart break / photo of the day: today we worked on new songs.

I have hoped and prayed for a Veruca Salt reunion for more years than I care to reveal. In my heart of hearts I knew that the band would get back together someday and thankfully that day has arrived. Garbage singer Shirley Manson caught wind of this VS reunion in progress and she tweeted to the band late last night … and Nina Gordon tweeted her back:

At this point, we don’t know exactly what the band has planned. I am ASSUMING they are working on a new album and are possibly rehearsing for a tour to follow … or proceed said possible album? I don’t know. What I do know is that the world has been deprived of Veruca Salt’s amazing music for far too long and we are waiting with bated breath to hear anything — old and/or new — from the band! Stay tuned … hopefully we’ll know something more substantial soon.

Nina Gordon and Louise Post are working on new songs together again, people, we are so not worthy!

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  • Angie

    Between this and NIN.. I am over the moon!!!

  • stevietv

    Trent, this makes my day so much. I am LOVING the updates on facebook, everyone getting me all the more excited than the last.

    I’ve only ever seen VS live post split, in LA when I was lucky enough to be in the USA at the right time, and would kill to see them with a full line up. I obsessed so much over VS and Nina since I was 14!