Olivier Rousteing Is The Creative Director Of Balmain Fashion House, And He Is Hot


Last week we officially revived our Hot-Person-Of-The-Week post, and I hope Charlie Hunnam got you mentally prepared for more forthcoming sexiness in this weekly celebration. Today, we celebrate a different brand of sexy– a high fashion sexy that just won’t quit. Enter Olivier Rousteing (pronounced Roo-stung… I think), creative director for French fashion house Balmain. I started following Balmain’s Instagram page because their stuff is just so gorgeous to look at, but I soon got distracted by Olivier. Like, really distracted. It’s been an awkward few days for me, y’all. Peep the gallery for more, and click inside to officially meet this week’s Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently!

So the other day Rihanna was in Paris and she started posting pics of herself at the Balmain house with Olivier, and I knew it was officially time to celebrate Olivier’s hotness. I was so ridiculously jealous of her pics. Firstly, because she was hanging out with this sexy-ass dude:


And secondly, because look at the fly stuff Olivier creates! Insane:


C’mon now. How you gonna be CAH-razy hawt and CAH-crazy talented, and friggen 27 years old?! Y’all. Olivier is NOT, I repeat, is NOT a model! He is the friggen creative director! So WTF is he doing with a face like this? Buzzfeed gave his cheekbones a shouts-out a little while back, but is that what this is about? I mean, are his cheekbones crazy high, or are his dimples the deepest dimples ever created by the god of dimples? I’m so happily confused by his face. Seriously. These poor, beautiful, modelin’ bitches can’t even compete with him, lol! Not even my girl Joan Smalls:


Soooo yeah. That’s what’s been going on with Olivier. I also found out that he and I have, like, sooo much in common. Both born in ’85. Both adopted. Both… ummm… yeah that’s actually all I got. But he’s awesome. And hot. And everyone says he’s the sweetest, humblest guy ever.

And he’s also hot. Agreed?

  • Britney’sBitch

    He has potential…I’d agree (that he’s hot) but he looks a bit fake. Less makeup?

  • Tom

    …bitch put some ice in your knickers, this scribble is painful to read