M.I.A. Goes After New York State In Her Child Custody Battle


I haven’t really been following M.I.A.‘s custody case much, but a little while back some of you may remember her going off on Twitter about the situation. Her ex-fiancĂ© Benjamin Bronfman was looking for full custody, and with the kind of money/influence he has, it seems like the case has been going his way. M.I.A. went on a rant about the importance of a child’s mother over the father (which I sorely disagreed with) and was just really, really pissed to be fighting for for custody of her child, which is understandable. She is now going after the state of New York for recently blocking her move to England. Click inside to learn more.

TMZ has the report:

M.I.A. says New York courts have committed a human rights violation — against her and her baby.

Filthy rich baby daddy Ben Bronfman — son of Seagram’s billionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr. — got a restraining order in March … blocking M.I.A. from taking her son to her homeland — England.

M.I.A. is now challenging the order, claiming it amounts to international child abduction. She’s filed legal docs in New York federal court, citing The Hague Convention as proof the NY state judge had no authority to block her move to England.

Baby daddy Bronfman isn’t going down without a fight … we’ve learned he’s filed legal docs of his own making a case that moving his flesh and blood over the pond would be a travesty.

Bronfman and M.I.A. — who both still live in Brooklyn — were never married and split up last year.

These cases always get complicated when someone wants to leave the country– we saw that with Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. This time around, M.I.A. has not taken to Twitter to address the issue (probably a good idea) so here’s hoping it all stays in the courts and things get worked out for little Ikhyd. It’s easy to forget (as parents, and as the general public) that these cases are supposed to be about what’s best for the children involved, so hopefully the judges involved act accordingly.

Many of us thought Halle Berry was wrong for wanting to move to France with Nahla. Do y’all feel the same about M.I.A.‘s request?


  • Lori

    its so strange how people can get together and have kids and two years later break up?
    why have kids when your relationship is obviously not 100%? am i being too judgemental?

  • JZ

    @Lori, I personally don’t think your being judgemental. Children need a stable environment to grow and thrive. This whole get knocked up and then break up less than 2 years later is not conducive or beneficial for bringing a child into the world or raising it either.

  • Lauren xx

    Here’s the difference between M.I.A. and Halle: Halle isn’t from France, nor has she really spent a huge amount of time there (that we know of,) that is where her fiance is from. M.I.A. is from England, so basically the U.S. is telling her she can’t go back to her home country with her child. It’s apples and oranges.

    (BTW, I’m not necessarily saying she has a right to leave with the kid. I don’t know enough about what is going on with the two of them to have a real opinion on the matter.)

  • Megan

    It sucks, but that’s life. She shouldn’t be able to move without stipulating how she’s going to let the dad see his kid. Does he get them for the summer, every other holiday, etc.? My view is if you’re taking your kid to another country, then you will be splitting half the year with me so I get just as much time with my kid. The biggest question is if it’s fair to the child, but since you can’t really ask someone so young, then spending equal time with mom and dad is best.