Beyoncé Shares The Most Annoyingly Fabulous Photos On Her Tumblr


Okay, now she’s just rubbing it in our faces. And by ‘it’ I mean ‘her fabulous abs/husband,’ and by ‘our’ I mean ‘my.’ I get it Bey! Stop with these pictures of your awesome life! Oh, sorry y’all. So yeah. Remember yesterday when we saw that picture of Kanye, Jay-Z, and Nas hanging out together for Yeezy’s birthday? Well apparently the Queen Bey herself was in attendance as well, and the outfit she wore to the party is everything. It’s so hard for me to admit but… I’m jealous. Whew. There I said it. Click inside for a little Monday morning hateration from yours truly, lol!

Damn You, Bey:


Peep the abs? Not really? Okay, here’s a better look:


Now check this out. She knows how I feel about Jay. No need to post ridonkulously adorable pics like this and rub it in my face/soul:


And finally. These would be her fabulous shoes as the fabulous backdrop to her husband’s hand holding a cigar. Oh, but with her fabulous view of the Hot 97 Summer Jam stage as the backdrop to that whole scenario. This is what her life is about. Love, shoes, and hip-hop AKA stop rubbing it my face:


Okay, if I can pretend to put my hateration aside for a moment, I friggen love these pictures! Beyoncé looks gorgeous and I seriously cannot get over how much I love that outfit– so chic! So Parisian! (Though I always gotta give props to her sister Solange when I see Bey looking fly because she’s the fashionista in that family.)

Props to you Bey. You look like a stunna and I can’t be mad at that! Or can I…?

P.S. The answer is ‘yes.’ Yes, I can. LuvyaBey.


  • Nikki Johnson

    I was having a crappy morning…then I read your post!
    You made me laugh out loud!!
    Keep up the awesome job.

    • Shannon

      Nikki Johnson, laughing at my pain, eh?

      Seriously though, I’m happy to bring the Monday morning LOLs! Thank you :)

    • Nikki Johnson

      You feel about him the way I feel about Usher! I actually cheered when he divorced his wife because I was convinced he was coming to St. John’s to find me ;)
      So I feel your pain!! Happy Monday

    • Shannon

      Nikki Johnson, OMG you were one of those Tameka haters, lol?!
      Well, I’ll just say that I truly wish Jay and Bey a long, happy marriage. Next lifetime though? He’s mine.

  • Vicky

    That is a great outfit. I have mixed feelings about ab-baring outfits coming back into style. I was in highschool when it was “in” last and I had killer abs, but now… not as much, lol. Definitely motivation to get them back!

    • Shannon

      Vicky, I wasn’t sure at first but I’m starting to love these crop tops. Give me about 6-9 months and I’ll be tryna get up in one too.

  • Heather Lea Armstrong

    I feel if I was rich and famous, I’d want to disguise myself and get as close to the stage as possible at shows. I wouldn’t want to be a million miles from the stage in some VIP area.. Depending on who was playing I guess. But, I am the girl who stood inside of a trash can for two hours at Jazz Fest in N.O. last month, just to be able to get a good view of Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks was right in front of me, only 20 feet or so away. We vibed, she was a goddess, it was magical. ( Had to miss Frank Ocean and Pheonix, who were playing at the same time. But it was Fleetwood Mac. No brainier.)

  • Rus

    Love the pictures but hate the cigar in hand… Not cool to make something like that awesome and popular.

  • Ruby

    Something about this woman rubs me up the wrong way. I just find her annoying and everywhere. The media are just completely up her ass and think she’s amazing but I find her quite dull really.

  • BriK

    Those abs… just wow.

  • Emily

    Soooo … Not pregnant. Got it B, thanks. Now put those damn abs away. Message received.